Manifesting Desires with Your Third Eye

You may be familiar with the Shreem Brzee prosperity mantra. If not, it is a mantra intended to dissolve poverty consciousness and to gain wealth-attraction consciousness.

There are many ways to benefit from the mantra. Chanting it is obviously one of them.

There is another way to work with Shreem Brzee so that you are dialing in to exactly what you want to manifest in your life and using the mantra to empower your goal.

Keep reading to learn this 3rd Eye trick that empowers your goals so you can bring them to life.

How to Use Your 3rd Eye to Manifest Your Desires

This is the short version of the instructions:

  1. Think of a specific outcome you want to manifest.
  2. Imagine that thought entering your 3rd Eye through the point between the eyebrows. 
  3. Chant (silently or out loud) Shreem Brzee & send it into your 3rd Eye to give power to your thought.

Dr. Pillai explains step 2:

What you do is you just close your eyes and then look at your 3rd Eye, which is the Pineal Gland. Focus attention there and keep on remembering Shreem Brzee Shreem Brzee Shreem Brzee.

When you are talking to other people: Shreem Brzee Shreem Brzee.

It's boring. How can you do it so that it’s not boring?

It will be boring only for half an hour. After that, it will be bliss. Then, even if you want to stop it, you cannot stop it.

The goal should be that it should be going into your Pineal Gland continuously. When you get to that level, the sky is the limit.

A Yogi said, about when the mantra works: The mind becomes the mantra. The mantra takes over, and then the mind is not there...

If you get to that level, then manifestation happens all the time.

Infuse Your Body, Mind & Blood with
Shreem Brzee Consciousness

Nambu’s Shreem Brzee is a Turmeric extract that is standardized to contain 99% Curcumin. Curcumin is the main antioxidant responsible for most of Turmeric’s benefits.

We chose Turmeric for this formula not only for its health benefits, but because Turmeric is the herb of Lakshmi, the prosperity Goddess behind the Shreem Brzee mantra.

Shreem Brzee infusion is a major part of the manufacturing process. This helps you infuse your entire body and mind with wealth consciousness.

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