How To Manifest True Love

 It’s getting close to Valentine’s Day. For some, it’s a joyful and intimate holiday ... but for many, February 14th can increase feelings of loneliness and isolation.
In Vedic Astrology, it is said that Mars and Venus rule relationships. If there are some rough areas for either planet in your birth chart, you could experience chaos in your relationships or find yourself alone.  But the good news is there are many powerful ways you can alleviate the effect of these planets through the use of ritual and PHONEME-INFUSED™ herbs --- special herbs that are energized with specific sound vibrations.  


Venus is about expressing love, appreciating beauty and cultivating relationship harmony. Venus afflictions in your birth chart can interfere with these things and also lead to pessimistic views about love.
In the herb world, these qualities resonate with Tulsi, aka Holy Basil. It’s an herb that nourishes the Heart Chakra and deepens patience, harmony and compassion.


Mars is about expressing desires, fiery emotion, taking charge, taking action and getting what you want. Mars afflictions in your birth chart can cause conflict or unhealthy passive passive behavior.

One herb that represents these qualities is Turmeric. Turmeric increases motivation, ambition and confidence. Many Vedic ceremonies begin with Turmeric offerings or with an idol of Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles, made of Turmeric

Physically, Nambu Botanicals’ Hi-Health Turmeric is a combination of organic Turmeric and black pepper extract. The piperine in black pepper increases absorption so your body uses more of Turmeric’s active ingredients. Metaphysically, Hi-Health also contains special infused sounds that nourish the Navel Chakra and support healthy Mars qualities.

If you’re single, Turmeric could help give you the confidence to attract a partner. If you’re in a relationship, Turmeric may bring positive moods, assertiveness and the motivation to improve your relationship.


Venus Mantra for Love, Harmony & Abundance

Om Shukraya Namaha

Pronunciation: ohm shoo-KRAH-yah NAH-mah-hah

You can use this mantra to harmonize with Venus and bring out the qualities of love, compassion, domestic comforts and harmony.


Mars Mantra for Getting What You Want, Skillful Conflict Resolution & Passion

Om Mangalaya Namaha

Pronunciation: ohm mon-gah-LAH-yay NAH-mah-hah


Kleem Mantra for Attracting Relationships

If you’re single, you can also use the Kleem mantra to attract lovers, friends, business contacts and other types of relationships.

Stretch it out like this: Kleeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmm.


For even better results, combine any of the three mantras with Hi-Health Turmeric

Happy Early Valentine’s Day,

Your friends at Nambu Botanicals