Lucid Dreaming Fueled History's Famous Innovations

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could change your destiny and create your dream life -- all while you sleep?

It’s not a fantasy. It’s a skill called “lucid dreaming,” and it’s been practiced for thousands of years by enlightened beings, saints, shamans and ordinary people.  

A few days ago, we sent you instructions for a proven lucid dreaming technique that produced amazing results in an Australian study. In case you missed it, you can learn the MILD Lucid Dreaming Technique here.

You also learned that lucid dreaming is an amazing resource for problem-solving, skills building, conquering fears and for unlocking profound insights and epiphanies. With the right tools, you can use it to conquer phobias like the fear of public speaking or approaching a potential mate. There are more amazing benefits as well.

Lucid Dreaming Has Inspired History’s Famous Innovations 

A number of the world’s foremost innovators from the worlds of science, entrepreneurship and entertainment are prolific lucid dreamers – and their dreams have inspired a number of history’s most important, “aha” moments:   

1. Albert Einstein’s dream unlocks the Theory Of Relativity

Scientist Albert Einstein was a prolific lucid dreamer. One of his greatest achievements – the Theory Of Relativity -- was inspired by a dream he had as a young man.    

2. Ramanujam solves “impossible” equations

Indian Mathematician Ramanujam (1887 – 1920) was able to unlock almost 3,900 “unsolvable” great equations – even though he had almost no formal training! Ramanujam attributed his success to divine intervention by the Hindu Goddess Saraswati (Archetype of Knowledge & Wisdom) and “monkey” God Hanuman (Archetype of Divine Devotion).  

3. Paul McCartney composes #1 hit, “Yesterday”

In 1965, Beatle Paul McCartney composed the entire melody for the pop classic Yesterday from a dream.  

4. Salvador Dali dreams a surrealist masterpiece

Surrealist painter Salvador Dali’s infamous “melting clocks” painting, The Persistence Of Memory, plays with the concept of time being suspended when we are in a dream state. 

5. Director Christopher Nolan dreams hit movie, “Inception”

Director Christopher Nolan’s 2010 psychological thriller Inception was inspired by his own lucid dreams. The movie follows a dream thief (Leonardo DiCaprio) who steals dreams from the minds of CEOs and business tycoons. 

There are a number of wonderful tools and techniques you can start using right now to both reliably trigger lucid dreams and remember your dreams in vivid detail.   

Again, we shared one with you a few days ago. In an Australian study, 46% of subjects who fell asleep within five minutes of using this technique, had a lucid dream. 17% of subjects overall were able to have one within one week. You can learn this lucid dreaming technique here. 

For centuries, Yogis, Saints, Siddhas and Shamans have used secret herbs to manifest extraordinary lucid dreams, relying on the practice to unlock mysteries of past lives, remove negative karma and access heightened levels of consciousness.

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