Light and Love for the Brain! Say YES to Vinpocetine

Nambu Botanicals has this little miracle supplement called Vinpocetine which is a derivative of the Periwinkle plant (Vinca minor)

Nambu Botanicals’ Vinpocetine is infused with specific sound vibrations from a Siddha lineage which energizes and activates the “alertness power” in your brain. Vinpocetine with phoneme infusion supports “whole brain” usage for superior cognitive performance - all 100 billion brain cells. 

Vinpocetine is widely used in Japan and many European countries to treat a number of cerebrovascular diseases such as stroke, mini-stroke or a hemorrhagic stroke which could lead to vascular dementia.  As a dietary supplement, Vinpocetine offers potential amazing neuroprotective effects as well. 

Do you need help with focus, multitasking and concentration without being overly stimulated?

Do you seem to always reach for that extra cup of coffee, tea or energy drink? Stop!!!

Vinpocetine is an amazing strategy to have in your medicine cabinet and we invite you to try for 1 month and let us know how you feel.  You will be pleasantly surprised!

What can I expect?

Don't expect Vinpocetine to stimulate you and rev you up! 

Vinpocetine will help your brain to shift your negative moods and allow you to focus without strain or stress, amidst any kind of chaos.  With the increased blood flow to the brain, you will feel the effects of Vinpocetine as if it were Light and Love for the brain…so do expect a positive form of energy to help you with your daily tasks and to-do lists! It's very subtle ability to infuse the brain with grace is probably the best way to describe it.  You may feel benefits immediately or you may have to do a slow build to feel its effects. You can take up to 4 per day.  Always take it with food and preferably in the morning. 

Taking more will not increase its benefits.       

Vinpocetine will help with the following:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Seizure Disorders

Stroke Prevention

Ear Trauma

Cognitive Issues and Cognitive Issue Prevention

Symptoms of Menopause

Anti-Aging Strategies


Reduction in Neural Inflammation

Stress and Inability to Focus

Testimonial of the Month:

"Vinpocetine helped to remove my midday low energy dip.  It helped to create a more sustained level of energy throughout the day which is, profound for me given my susceptibility to chronic fatigue which I manage through movement.  This has allowed me to not work so hard.  This is a miracle for me!!

The added bonus of Vinpocetine is its subtle yet effective ability to bring forth a focus with my day to day physical and cognitive tasks."

Tamara P.

Toronto, Ont.

Scientifically “blessed” Vinpocetine supplements for the brain are available in a nanosecond!

Enter the botanical world of health, increased energy and joy and purchase your Vinpocetine at  Nambu Botanicals.