Knock Knock. Who's There? Enlightenment

Enlightenment, with His many hands and even more knuckles, is knocking on your door. 

Dancing Shiva’s energy becomes especially active on the Earth plane six times per year, which includes early summer. This is when Vedic ceremonies “hydrate” Shiva statues to bring Him to life during Nataraj Abishekam in late June. The act invokes the coming to life of Enlightened Consciousness and an awakened crown chakra. 

Normally, we use a small portion of our brains. Enlightenment is the full activation of the brain and crown chakra, and this is what Shiva represents. Enlightenment is pure love, pure intelligence, pure freedom and pure bliss. 

Shiva’s Gift to You from the Plant Kingdom 

Eclipta Alba has a reputation as an ingredient in natural hair products. The Siddha Masters of Southern India have used it for other purposes. They have ingested it to activate the crown chakra and maintain ecstatic states of awareness. We'll share one high-profile case in a future newsletter. 

Eclipta Alba:

  • Awakens your enlightened Shiva Consciousness
  • Makes meditation a lot easier
  • Purifies your chakras
  • Activates your crown chakra and Higher Intelligence
  • Provides you access to your light body and strengthens it.

Eclipta Alba is the main ingredient in Nambu’s Enlightenment Formula. This formula is infused with sacred sounds to enhance its effects on the crown chakra.  

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Guided Meditation for Shiva Consciousness 

Join Dr. Pillai in an Om Namah Shivaya Meditation. This technique is designed so that you can spend only one minute on it or an entire hour. It’s a good fit for any schedule. 

One practice that is better than the meditation above is the meditation above combined with meditation enhancer Eclipta Alba. Give it a try and you’ll see what we mean.


To your Enlightenment, 

The Nambu Herbs Team