Kleem is a Powerful Miracle Mantra to Attract Love

“The heart has its own intelligence. The heart has, in fact, the highest intelligence. ‘Heart’ has been used historically as a seat of intelligence. We hear this even in expressions like “the heart knows better” or ‘the heart says something; the head says something.’”
“If you are in love, you are in the heart center. Then you will be able to understand the highest intelligence… Love is life. Love is intelligence. Love is creation.”
- Dr. Pillai

The Kleem Mantra Attracts & Improves Love Relationships

If you’re in a bad relationship, or no relationship, Dr. Pillai recommends the mantra, Kleem. He says, “The mantra Kleem will do miracles. It is the sound that will create love.”

This sound has the power to attract a positive romantic relationship into your life if you are single. It can also improve your existing relationship or give you the realizations you need if it’s time to find a new one.

It’s not just the word itself that instantly attracts love. What matters most is how you use the mantra.

The #1 Secret for Using the Kleem Mantra to Attract Love

Dr. Pillai provides tips for optimizing the power of Kleem:

“There is one thing that makes any mantra work: the number of times you use it. If you turn your mind into mantra, which is what the Yogis say to do, then you don’t think any other thought. Only Kleem occupies your mind. Then you can create any number of boyfriends and girlfriends. This is true of other sounds, too.”

“If you just say “Kleem Kleem Kleem Kleem Kleem” 10 times, and you are negative the other 99% of time, it’s not going to work. That’s the way it is. Your mind should be thinking the sound all the time. If you can’t do it, at least do it 1,008 times. This will take about an hour. Within that hour, you will have really done something very powerful to create or attract relationship.”

Amplify the power of LOVE & GRACE PHONEME-INFUSED™ Tulsi with the Kleem Mantra to attract love into your life, or to enhance existing love.