Kickstart Your Heart on Krishna's Birthday

Love and Grace Can Help You Make Soul-Mate Choices

Tulsi, aka Holy Basil, is the most sacred plant in all of India.  You can find it growing there in backyards, courtyards and public places. Some families use it for worship on a daily basis.

It’s also the favorite plant of some Gods, like Rama and Krishna. Krishna’s birthday is coming on Tuesday. Millions of people will be making offerings of Tulsi to Him.

Tulsi Helps You Bypass Cause and Effect; Just Go to the Effect. Why Wait?

Dr. Pillai recommends offering Tulsi to statues because they have tremendous power:

“Every day I take at least 5 leaves and then offer it to Krishna, miracles will happen. ...What will the Tulsi leaves do? It will bypass the cause; the mind will not ask the cause, cause and effect...Put Tulsi leaves on the statue because the cause is the barrier, creating an effect without a cause. After putting those leaves on the statue, you can eat those leaves.”

Dr. Pillai talks about the wisdom you can automatically acquire by taking Love and Grace (Tulsi). Phoneme Infused Tulsi will give you the ability to make the best Love choices. We all need a little of this in our lives…

Dr. Pillai Talks About Attaining “Wise” Love with Tulsi Leaves

Why Celebrate Krishna’s Birthday?

Krishna represents material and spiritual bliss, the creation of Heaven on Earth and perfection in relationships. The union of Krishna with his sweetheart, Radha, symbolizes the perfect union between two humans and between the devotee and the Divine.

According to Dr. Pillai, the birthday of a God or Goddess Archetype means the birth of that Archetype’s energies within oneself. Krishna’s birthday is an opportunity to birth perfection, harmony with the Absolute and with lovers and friends, and enjoyment of the Earth plane.

Tulsi is the Goddess & Krishna’s Lover

Many people worship Tulsi as a real Goddess. Stories vary. According to one legend, Tulsi is the incarnation of Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth, on Earth. Another legend reveals that Lakshmi turned Brinda into a plant because she wanted to marry Lakshmi’s husband, Vishnu.

Brinda’s devotion to Vishnu was so strong that it made her husband, the king of the demons, invincible. Even Shiva couldn’t whoop him.  

We can skip the big sex soap operas in the lore, but one story declares that Tulsi was born from one of Vishnu’s joyful tears that landed on some Amrita, the elixir of boundless joy and immortality. This happened after Vishnu saved the elixir from a group of demons who tried to steal it.

Maybe the real story doesn’t matter. What matters is that Tulsi can be thought of as the embodiment of the Goddess. In every case, she is the lover of Vishnu, and Krishna is an incarnation of Vishnu.

Tulsi Marries You to to Divinity

By offering Tulsi in a ceremony or ingesting it, you’re becoming a lover of Krishna. Krishna represents the Divine. Tulsi opens the heart chakra to the Divine. This detached emotional connection is what makes miracles possible.

Tulsi is the *Best* Adaptogen for our Emotions and Breathing Passageways

  • Activates the heart chakra so you can give and receive love more freely
  • Loosens mucus in the chest
  • Stimulates the libido naturally
  • Fuels the brain and other organs with oxygen
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Supports the immune system

Loving Wisely,

Nambu Botanicals