Is Stress Making You Gain Weight?



Did you know that long-term stress can make you more hungry and more likely to eat fattening foods? It can also lead to a “less mindful approach” to eating. The result is weight gain.

Cortisol, your “fight or flight” stress hormone, increases insulin levels. This makes your blood sugar drop, leading you to reach for the cookies instead of your salad greens. The resulting weight gain, if it persists, can lead to glucose imbalances, blood flow obstruction, heart conditions and other serious problems. (1)

The good news is you CAN reverse stress-related weight gain using these mindful eating practices and supportive herbs. Try this:

Eating Tips for Weight Control

Change the Way Your Food is Presented

Clinical Psychologist Susan Albers, author of Eating Mindfully, marveled at the way people ate fruit on kebab skewers. They slowed down and savored the fruits more than they would have if they were eating from a bowl. Savoring your food allows you to absorb more nutrients and catch yourself before you overeat.

Eat in a Quiet Place or “Eat Loudly”

Can you hear what you eat?  Researchers from Brigham Young and Colorado State told one group to focus on the sounds they made while eating. Another group wore headphones. The second group ate 45% more.  Key takeaway: Eat in a quiet environment and focus on the sounds you make while chewing. (2)

Consume Veggies with Natural Sugars

Consuming sweet potatoes, beets and other sweet vegetables may reduce your cravings for candy, ice cream and other fattening foods.

Don’t Eat in Your Workspace

Eating at your desk destroys your concentration and therefore interrupts mindful eating.  Eat in a break room or a distraction-free (and quiet) spot outside. This will tell your brain that it’s OK not to multitask.

Sit Down to Eat

Instead of eating on the run, be sure to sit down. This will cause less overeating later in the day.

University of Surrey researchers studied three groups. All three ate granola bars. One group watched TV while eating. A second group walked around. Each person in the third group sat down with a friend. When offered more snacks in a “taste test”, the walkers ate five times as much chocolate as the sitters and TV watchers. They ate more of the other snacks as well, which included carrot sticks, grapes and crisps. Other studies have shown that conversation and TV leads to overeating as well, but it’s clear that walking around is far worse. (3)(4)

Herbs that Help with Weight Control


A 2009 Tufts University study found that curcumin, the most touted active ingredient of Turmeric, may help prevent weight gain. New blood vessels must form before your fat tissue can expand and make you heavier. Curcumin appears to depress this process in rats with high-fat diets. (7)

Korean researchers found that curcumin can turn white fat, the stuff we normally think of as fat, into brown fat. A high brown fat ratio means higher metabolism, because white fat is mainly stored to be used later. Brown fat becomes energy more readily. (8)(9)

Nambu’s Hi-Health Formula contains Turmeric plus black pepper extract. The extract contains piperine, a compound that can increase the amount of active nutrients you absorb by up to 20 times (10). Taking Turmeric with healthy fats will also increase absorption.

Hi-Health Formula is infused with sounds that support willpower, ambition and intestinal fortitude, three qualities that Turmeric also supports.

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Tulsi helps prevent sudden changes in blood sugar levels. It also lowers cortisol. Both properties help prevent cravings for unhealthy food. For those with hormone-induced weight gain, Tulsi can also help balance your hormones. (5)(6)

Tulsi’s also widely used to reduce stress and increase patience and compassion.

To revive ancient Ayurveda and Siddha Medicine traditions, Nambu’s infuses its Love & Grace Tulsi Formula with sounds that support compassion and the Heart Chakra.


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