Little Known Fact About Tantra Yoga




The theorists of thought manifestation say that not several thoughts manifest, but only emotional thoughts, or feelings manifest.

“How to emotionalize your thought so that it doesn’t remain cerebral”.

 Dr. Pillai, Founder of Nambu Herbs says, yoga has a method for it, there is a Yoga called ‘Tantra Yoga’. In ‘Tantra Yoga’ it is said that your tongue thinks very powerful thoughts. Your tongue thinks several thoughts, as well as, emotional thoughts, so tongue is a very important cognitive faculty."

The Yogis say the tongue thinks. How?

Because the word, or the thought, is provided by the tongue. It is an instrument of language.  Language is localized in your tongue, and without the aid of the tongue, you cannot think a thought.  Then they also say that tongue is involved in emotional acts like love making, like sex, kissing, and tasting the food. The tongue is very much involved in it.

The ‘Tantra Yoga’ says that there are some secretions, the saliva, that do the cognitive, and the emotional perceptions. Just put your awareness on the tongue, then you will see that your mind becomes quiet.