How to Know Your Life Purpose the Siddha Way

“If I just run my life without any goal, then life happens, but that will be a karmic life without any glory to it.” - Dr. Pillai, Founder of Nambu Botanicals 

A human’s purpose in life is to learn to live in the NOW eternally. 

That’s just the universal purpose of life. Every individual has an individual path they need to take to get there, too. 

Your soul has a long-term purpose that may span lifetimes. It also has a purpose for this lifetime and a purpose for RIGHT NOW. 

What do you need to do right NOW? 

There’s something you need to do that brings you more wisdom and more joy for the long-term. As a soul, you know what that is. If you don’t, your job right now is to find out what it is and do it. 

There are tools for that, like meditation, using sacred sounds, and developing your intuition. There are nutrients and herbs for that as well, like Eclipta Alba and Bacopa Monnieri

All of these things help align you with your soul so that you know what your purpose is; NOW, this week, this month and this lifetime.  

A Siddha Herb for Perceiving & Implementing Your Life Purpose  

Regular users of Bacopa Monnieri report benefits such as:

  • Increased intuition
  • Opening of the 3rd Eye
  • Lower stress 
  • Calmer thinking with less anxiety
  • Enhanced learning ability
  • Prolonged concentration for faster goal achievement
  • Meditation sessions that are deeper & produce more fruit

Some of these benefits are well-studied in medical science. They include stress reduction, memory and concentration. Others are more subjective. 

Today, Bacopa is best-known as the primary nootropic (brain-booster) herb of the southern portions of India. 

The Siddha Yogis of Tamil, India have used Bacopa for accessing the soul through the 3rd Eye. Ancient Vedic priests used it for that and for memorizing long prayers and chants. 

All of these benefits are helpful for those who intend to align with their individual life purposes. 

A calmer mind means you can act on your intuition more easily without succumbing to fear or anxious thoughts. 

It also means deeper meditation sessions, which bring more clarity and soul alignment. 

A concentrated mind also means deeper meditation. Another benefit of a concentrated mind is the ability to follow your life purpose and implement it efficiently. 

 The Phoneme Infusion Difference 

Practitioners of Ayurveda and Siddha Medicine infused herbs with special mantras. They believed this added a new dimension of healing potential and unleashed the Divine, which exists in all herbs. 

But that was in the past. People rarely do this NOW. The purpose of the founding of Nambu Botanicals was to bring these ancient practices back into the NOW. 

Herbs are not mere material structures, just as you are not a mere body. You are much bigger than that. The herbs you use should be seen in the same light.