How to Activate Your Light Body: Mantra and Herb


Dr. Pillai has a special mantra for you that can activate your Light Body. The Light Body is one of the main themes of Dr. Pillai’s Full Moon of the Guru San Diego retreat on July 4th – 8th. 

Referring to Full Moon of the Guru, he says, “I'm going to teach you about the Astral (Light) Body, which is a study of your midbrain and also the limbic system, so that you can see the Astral Body.” 

Why Activate the Light Body? 

Focusing on the Light Body sharpens your consciousness. It opens you up to other opportunities that are not known now, since you are only focused on the physical body and what your life situation is. 

If you want to remove unwanted karma or manifest your dream job, the Light Body is a great place to start. 

It’s not always a piece of cake to find your Light Body and connect to it, So we have 2 sure tips that can help you:

1. The mantra meditation below. The guided meditation connects you with the mantra that gives you access to the Light Body.

2. Enlightenment Formula. It’s not necessary to take Eclipta Alba to access your Light Body. However, this plant greatly enhances all spiritual practices and helps you perceive the Light Body. 

There are Yogis who take Eclipta Alba constantly to access their subtle bodies. Then they do super-human things such as manifesting items out of nowhere and restoring health to an ailing person. 

Mundane consciousness is our default mind state. We just think about meeting the needs of this body all day long. But if you want to reach beyond and think new thoughts that could land you a great job, a wonderful partner or a new house that is beyond your conception… these ideas are in the domain of the subtle body. 

Enlightenment Formula is available for 13% off with Discount coupon, Goguru13. Take a minimum of 2 per a day, preferably before 5pm and with food. 

The Light Body Mantra 

Arut Perum Jyoti. Arut Perum Jyoti.Thanit Perum Karunai. Arut Perum Jyoti. 

It refers to the most powerful light – omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence. This light is given by the God of Light. 

Guided Light Body Meditation with Dr. Pillai 

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