Herbs to Empower Your Vedic New Year

 Happy New Year from Nambu Botanicals!

"The New Year is not January 1st. The real New Year is when the Sun enters Aries according to the Vedic Calendar, and that is April 14th. and why would we bother about this New Year? It is the time the Sun has maximum energy (exaltation), and this energy is a tremendous energy. It is intellectual energy, it is the energy of the soul, it is also abundant material energy and a joyous energy. All of these energies are available with the Sun, abundantly during this time."  

“The Sun Moves Into Aries to start the Tamil New Year and there is so much transformational energy available during this transit. You can empower the Sun within you. This is the time when you can alter time, succeed in your business as well as personal life and affect a change in your destiny. There will also be some ‘strange’ combinations of planetary positions making this a rare opportunity for transformation and miracles.” - Dr. Pillai 

The herbs that are best suited for this auspicious time are Turmeric, Bacopa and Vinpocetine. 

Turmeric for Willpower and Confidence 

Mars rules both Aires and the Navel Chakra, the energy center related to willpower and achievement. Nambu’s Hi-Health Formula works with the energy of Mars and the Sun.  Hi-Health Formula contains turmeric, a powerful liver supporter and anti-inflammatory herb. It contains compounds that are known to lower stress and support the nervous system for optimum cognitive function. Studies support the notion that turmeric helps prevent cognitive decline. 

Black pepper extract, also found in Hi-Health, increases the bio-availability of turmeric by 1,000%. This means you will receive 10 times the amount of nutrients from the turmeric. 

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Vinpocetine for Brain Empowerment and Focus 

Another Sun-related herb is the brain-boosting Vinpocetine. Vinpocetine improves blood flow in your entire brain. It enhances focus and mental performance, so it’s perfect for this auspicious season of manifestation. It’s also a great mood stabilizer. 

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Bacopa for Third Eye Enhancement, Accelerated Learning and Fearlessness

Hi-Memory Formula from Nambu Botanicals, contains Bacopa, one of the more popular nootropic herbs. Bacopa pumps up your pineal gland, the physical reflection of the third eye. People use it for focus, cognitive enhancement, creative thinking and anxiety-free living. People report accelerated learning abilities, including a remarkable inability to forget newly learned information. Anxiety sufferers often report improvements. These benefits go incredibly well with manifestation work.

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