Herbs Have Powertimes Too

The Vedic and Tamil lunar astrological calendars divide each lunar month into 30 parts, called tithis. There are 15 tithis from the New Moon to the Full Moon and vice versa.
The 11th Moon, which is just a few days before the New Moon or Full Moon, is a wealth 
powertime called Ekadasi. Today is an 11th Moon day.
11th Moons are ruled by Vishnu, who is the archetype of wealth and of the preservation of ancient wisdom. It is said this is the day when the Moon heightens our ability to concentrate, which is why people fast on 11th Moons while connecting with Vishnu through meditation.

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Herbs Have Powertimes, Too
The Siddhas of Tamil Nadu have always emphasized the Gods and Goddesses behind particular herbs. These Deities give the herbs their powertimes.
It is said that Vishnu resides in Tulsi (Holy Basil). So does Radha, who is Krishna’s lover. Krishna is a form of Vishnu who, with Radha, represents perfect devotion, the ideal relationship with a human partner and with the Divine, spiritual and material bliss/fulfillment, the eradication of poverty consciousness, and other great things.
In Vedic ceremonies to Krishna, Radha, and Vishnu, people give offerings of Tulsi leaves. Tulsi is said to bring prosperity blessings. It also opens the Heart Chakra for greater compassion and patience while decreasing stress hormones.
In light of the above, you can think of 11th Moon as a Tulsi
powertime. Some traditions state that Tulsi, the Goddess, is fasting during 11th
Moons, and that you should not harvest her leaves on that day.
Ancient Wisdom Returns to Agriculture
"All of nature begins to whisper its secrets to us through its sounds.
Sounds that were previously incomprehensible to our soul
now become the meaningful language of nature." -- Rudolf Steiner
The original form of the modern organic farming movement began in 1924 with the ideas of Rudolf Steiner, the multi-talented visionary who also founded the Waldorf education model for children. His farming principles became known as Biodynamic Agriculture.
One of Steiner’s principles revolves around lunar phases, as the phases of the Moon help determine the metabolism of plants as well as water absorption and growth rates. Moon cycles can help you determine when to plant, transplant or harvest particular crops, when to add compost and more.
You can think of these as powertimes.
India is also making a big comeback with farming practices in tune with the cycles of nature, including lunar cycles and wisdom from Vedic Astrology. They are using principles revealed by the old Rishis (Seers) as well as developments in western biodynamic and organic farming. Many have brought mantras back intopractice of planting, cultivating and harvesting.
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