Herbs for motivation, Energy & Calmness Simultaneously


How would you like to have, on a daily basis:

High energy?

Deep tranquility?

A positive mindset?

Motivation & enthusiasm for achieving goals?

Clarity about the most satisfying things to do each day?

There are endless self-help programs and spiritual teachings that can help you achieve these things. If you are practicing any of them right now, we would like to share some insights about herbs that can add a lot of efficiency to your journey. 

The right nutrients can boost the effectiveness of these programs and teachings. 

Eclipta Alba (Bhringaraj) 

The Siddha Yogis of Tamil, India used Eclipta Alba to fuel the brain and enter ecstatic states of consciousness. In Ayurveda, it’s considered a powerful meditation aid and brain protector. 

You rarely hear about this aspect of Eclipta Alba these days. Most people think of it as a shampoo ingredient that can halt hair loss and help regrow hair. Some think of it as a beautifying ingredient in natural skincare products. 

One of the main reasons Dr. Pillai founded Nambu Botanicals was because he wanted to help spread the secretive teachings of the Siddhas. Eclipta Alba is central to these teachings. That’s why Enlightenment Formula was the very first formula we introduced. 

People who use Eclipta Alba orally report:

  • High energy & calmness simultaneously
  • Increased ability to meditate deeply with less effort
  • Higher quality sleep & an easier time falling asleep
  • Deeper intuition & clarity
  • Lower stress
  • Fewer anxious thoughts
  • Creativity & the confidence to think for oneself 

“...I have so much more clarity and understanding. Thank you for these wonderful herbs.” - Josie E, Verified Buyer

“You can really feel your brain awaken! Energy flow throughout the body while cleansing the liver. You can connect to the Universe. You are the Universe!” - Jd D, Verified Buyer

“...I can focus so much better. I can feel a shift to a calmer, broader perception. I feel like a new person :)” - Carolyn R, Verified Buyer

“...I have become more intuitive and my dreams are very vivid I love them I'm on my second bottle.” - Omega F, Verified Buyer

“...Almost magically I am so much more aware of the more subtle realms. I am experiencing my inner sight with my god self more often. The pure vibration of the enlightenment formula is clearing and raising lesser vibrations away!” - Grace A, Verified Buyer

“...I have only been using since two days ago, today (Fathers Day ). I woke up around 7 am and did my morning meditation as usual. After that I decided to work on my yard, grass cutting, weed whacking, dug up weeds in flower beds and trimmed bushes. On top of that I washed the dog and did some laundry. All this on an extremely hot day. Not sure how I manage to do all that in one day. The only difference in my routine is these pills which I am taking 2 to 3 times a day.” - Twillicks, Verified Buyer 

Infused with Sacred Sounds for the Crown Chakra 


Turmeric is well-known today because it’s a spice that contains antioxidants called curcuminoids. Curcumin is the most prominent of these antioxidants. 

The physical health benefits are numerous and well-studied. Lesser-known are the spiritual and emotional benefits. 

If you ask the Yogis, they will tell you that Turmeric is a gift from Lakshmi, the Goddess of Abundance. 

The Yogis will also say Turmeric increases:

  • Positive moods (confirmed by science)
  • Motivation
  • Self-confidence
  • Energy levels
  • The ability to connect with the Abundance Goddess
  • Mental clarity
  • Calm thinking 

“I have seen amazing transformation in my attitude, patients, even my children. I am not sure if it is the herbs , chanting, or the combo, but the things that are happening for me are awesome.” - Josie E, Verified Buyer

“This Blessed Herb allows me deeper connection to the Goddess.” - Anastasia S, Verified Buyer

“I feel a powerful energy of strength and joy. It's amazing ! Thank you!” - Sylvia H, Verified Buyer

“I have clarity of my mind, fewer body aches, and calmness in myself.” - Subhashini Y, Verified Buyer 

Infused with Sacred Sounds for the Navel Chakra 

Nambu’s  Phoneme Infusion Difference 

At Nambu Herbs, we offer something a little different. Our herbs are infused with sacred sounds in accordance with the ancient Siddha Medicine and Ayurveda traditions. 

Shreem Brzee Formula is infused with the vibrations of the prosperity mantra, Shreem Brzee. The mantra exists to dissolve poverty consciousness and bring us prosperity consciousness. 

Shreem Brzee Turmeric is a Turmeric extract designed to infuse the body and mind with the vibrations of Lakshmi and bring the benefits of Curcumin in a concentrated and standardized form.