Heal Your Emotions & Destroy Your Limitations

Previously, we shared info about healing chakras and the karma associated with them. This time, we’ll discuss emotions and the Root Chakra plus how to take control of your destiny with the right timing.

The Root Chakra is at the base of the spine, where the tailbone is. It goes a little beyond that, to the perineum. This energy center governs physical, social and financial security. If you’re worried about any of these things all the time, there is a disturbance in the Root Chakra.

Here are a few emotions that affect the Root Chakra:

  • Greed
  • Money worries
  • Lack of belonging
  • Embarrassment
  • Fear of being ripped off
  • Disconnection from the Earth
  • Fear of physical harm
  • Insecurity & vulnerability from sexual assault

All of these emotions can come from, and create, a limited mindset. Money worries and greed both presume lack of money in the future, for example.

On the other hand, an unlimited mindset takes care of all of these emotions. It also helps you manifest money, friends, a better connection with your environment and physical safety.

Dump Your Limitations with Moon Phases

In Vedic astrology, there are 30 Moon phases, 15 for the waxing portion of the Moon’s journey and 15 for waning. These phases are called tithis. Some phases are what we like to call powertimes, auspicious moments for achieving goals, removing karma and healing emotions.

Some of the Moon phases we often observe:

13th Moon (Shiva)

The waxing and waning phases are ruled by Shiva, and they’re a great times for invoking Shiva to remove unwanted karma. The waning 13th Moon is ruled by Shiva’s bull, Nandi. Both phases are good for karma removal, especially during the 1.5 hours before sunset, a time window called Pradosham.

Mantra for 13th Moons: Thiru Neela Kantam. It’s pronounced TEE-roo NEE-lah KAHN-tahm. The mantra invokes Shiva to remove the thought processes, conscious and unconscious, that determine karma. Imagine a blue light in the throat when chanting silently or out loud.

Herb for 13th Moons: Eclipta Alba. This Shiva herb removes karma. It also activates the crown chakra, purifies the other chakras, heightens dream activity and recall, improves intuition and increases the concentration needed for meditation. Enlightenment Formula is Nambu’s Eclipta Alba supplement, and it contains sound vibrations that support the Crown Chakra.

4th & 14th Moons (Ganesha)

The 4th Moon, waning or waxing, is a Ganesha powertime. He is the elephant-headed God who removes obstacles with His Infinite Intelligence, including obstacles that haven’t manifested yet.

The 14th Moon is also a Ganesha powertime, whether the Moon is waxing or waning. It’s also associated with Rudra, a very fierce form of Shiva.

Mantra for 4th & 14th Moons: Gum. It’s pronounced just like the stuff you chew. A longer Ganesha mantra for removing obstacles is Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha. It’s pronounced ohm gum gah-nah-pah-tye-YAY NAH-mah-mah.

Herb for 4th & 14th Moons: Turmeric. Turmeric helps with issues governed by the first three chakras. It improves willpower and personal power. It’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory and mood lifter. Nambu’s Shreem Brzee Formula contains Turmeric and black pepper extract. The latter boosts the bioavailability of Turmeric and its curcuminoids up to 20 times. Shreem Brzee Formula is infused with the Shreem Brzee mantra, which eliminates poverty consciousness and attracts wealth.

9th Waxing Moon (Saraswati)

Saraswati rules this powertime. She is similar to Athena in the Greek pantheon. She rules the arts, the intellect, wisdom and divine intelligence.

Mantra for 9th Waxing Moon: Om Saraswati Namaha. It’s pronounced ohm sah-rah-SWAH-tee NAH-mah-hah.

Herb for 9th Waxing Moon: Bacopa Monnieri. Saraswati is the Goddess of this nootropic from South India. Bacopa increases memory, improves blood and oxygen flow to the brain, increases intuition, cleans the 3rd Eye Chakra, improves moods and makes it very hard to forget newly learned information. It also regulates dopamine, acetylcholine and serotonin. Nambu’s Hi-Memory Formula contains Bacopa, and its infused with phonemes that support the 3rd Eye Chakra. .

8th Waning Moon (Kala Bhairava)

Kala Bhairava, the God of Time, rules this powertime. He is a form of Shiva and can be compared to Chronos in the Greek pantheon. He can quicken or slow down time, and decrease the length of time you need to manifest a goal.

Mantra for 8th Waning Moon: Udyamo Bhairava. It’s pronounced WOOD-yah-mo BYE-rah-vah. The mantra is for quicker manifestation of desires.

Herb for 8th Waning Moon: Bacopa Monnieri. See the description in the 9th Waxing Moon Saraswati section. The 8th Waning Moons are great times for developing intuition and the 3rd Eye.

11th Moon (Vishnu)

Waxing or waning, Wealth Archetype Vishnu governs this powertime. They are great days for fasting and for invoking Vishnu for wealth manifestation.

Mantra for 11th Moon: Om Namo Narayanaya. It’s pronounced ohm Nah-mo nah-rye-ah-NYE-yah. Narayanaya stands for the Supreme Brahman, but it’s often synonymous with Brahman’s Vishnu form. It literally means “the place of refuge for all living things” and is often used to describe Vishnu when He’s in His heavenly home with His wife, Lakshmi.

Herb for 11th Moon: Tulsi. Tulsi is often used as an offering for Vishnu and his Avatars (Divine Incarnations), including Krishna and Rama. Tulsi improves the immune system, heals the Heart Chakra, increases blood and oxygen flow to the brain and other organs, lowers stress and the stress hormone cortisol and boosts libido. People say this herb brings prosperity and good health. It’s also a great source of magnesium. Many people use it as a sleep aid. Love & Grace Formula is Nambu’s Tulsi capsule, and it’s infused with sound vibrations that support giving and receiving love.

You can find Vedic astrology tithi calendars for the Moon phases online. If you’re into Dr. Pillai’s teachings on the phases and powertimes, you can buy a 2018 Astroved Calendar. It has a lot of tithis and Vedic holidays/festivals.

To Your Physical and Emotional Health and Wealth,

The Nambu Botanicals Team

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