Entraining Sacred Ayurveda Herbs with Mantras & Sounds

Dr. Pillai is a successor to these Siddhas and continues this tradition. That’s why he partnered with Beth Desmarais to bring us Nambu, a company named after the Goddess of healing. 

At Nambu Botanicals, we infuse the herbs with very specific sound frequencies in ancient Siddha fashion. 

Plants Respond to Healing Sounds 

French physicist and musician Joel Sternheimer discovered that certain sounds and musical notes can stimulate the production of proteins in plants. 

According to the New Scientist, Sternheimer identified musical pitches that correspond to amino acids. Playing a particular note can stimulate the production of specific proteins in the plant. He also created songs that triggered compounds that caused tomato plants to grow 250% larger than plants in the control group. 

He also claims to have suppressed, with music, the enzymes in tomato plants that feed the mosaic virus. He says he stopped the mosaic virus entirely. 

Dorothy Retallack performed similar experiments with plants. She played different styles of music for plants. Some styles, like hard rock, stifled the growth of plants and made them ill. Another group exposed to “soothing” music not only thrived, but they grew in the direction of the radio as if it was the sun. The study is published as The Sound of Music and Plants, 1973. 

Humans Respond to Healing Sounds and Rhythms, Too 

Group drumming has been introduced to numerous schools in the US and the UK. “At risk” students who drum together, even for a mere 45 minutes weekly, have experienced improved grades and behavior compared to control groups. Some experiments have placed group drumming in the same status as common prescription antidepressants and ADHD drugs. 

Dr. Pillai’s own Phonemic Intelligence (PI) program has similar effects on students. In one study, students who listened to and repeated certain sounds to stimulate particular parts of the brain experienced a greater willingness to do homework, higher grades, a more cooperative and participatory school environment and a greater sense of inner peace and happiness. 

Healing Sounds & Entrainment can Boost Learning & Intelligence

The practice of infusing herbs with sounds is based on the principle of entrainment. When two lovers become intimate for the first time, their breathing rhythms often synchronize. They also may yawn, sigh or say the same words at the same time.

Empaths are fully aware of the above phenomenon because they experience it on a regular basis without necessarily having an intimate bond with another person. They may experience the emotional state of a person through the process of entrainment.

Omni Magazine readers in the 1990’s saw ads that claimed to sell sounds that increased IQ. These came in the form of audio cassettes and CD’s. The name of this technology is binaural beats. The process is called brainwave entrainment.

Binaural beats users use headphones. A different, usually inaudible, tone is played for each ear. The difference between the pitches creates a frequency that triggers the brainwaves to match it. The result is a new state of mind, often one that brings a meditative state and profound emotional and spiritual healing.

The same principle can be demonstrated audibly when tuning a guitar. The person tuning the guitar plays the same note on two consecutive strings. If the pitch varies, you will hear an oscillating sound that goes up and down at a particular frequency. This frequency corresponds to the frequency in binaural beats that the brainwaves match.

Herbs can be Entrained with Healing Sounds

Have you ever loaned an item to someone and it felt a little yucky after it was returned? Maybe you were repulsed by an item at a second-hand store without knowing why.

We all leave energetic fingerprints on things without necessarily noticing it. Nambu’s PHONEME INFUSED herbs can be thought of as the opposite of that yuckiness. The vibrations are consciously infused and are coherent for an intentional purpose. They bring a particular order to the molecules.

Each of Nambu’s herbal formulas is infused with a different purpose in mind.

Hi-Health. Turmeric protects the nervous system and helps you achieve your ambitions. It works with the navel chakra, which is associated with willpower. The phonemes unleash self-confidence and the ability to accomplish goals.

Hi-Memory. Bacopa Monnieri boosts learning, memory, concentration, intuition and creativity within a few weeks. Your ability to see through propaganda may increase. It benefits the pineal and petuitary glands, both of which are associated with the 3rd eye.  The phonemes increase wisdom and support the 3rd eye.

Love & Grace. Tulsi, aka Holy Basil, infuses your system with oxygen and supports the heart chakra. The phonemes activate love, intimacy, forgiveness and a connection to God through love.

Vinpocetine. Vinpocetine supplies extra oxygen to the brain and increases communication between neurons. It’s being studied as a treatment for Alzheimer’s, but the research for this purpose is in its early phases. The phonemes support whole brain functioning, which happens to be one of the physiological goals of spirituality.

Enlightenment. Eclipta Alba has a huge number of benefits. It improves memory, makes meditation easier, activates the crown chakra, heals the thought patterns that create karma, detoxes the liver, reveals the higher states of consciousness and lowers stress. The phonemes enhance the functions of the crown chakra.

Guduchi. Guduchi is another herb with a huge number of benefits. It creates brighter moods, alleviates skin conditions and joint stiffness, prevents allergies, reverses the aging process and supports the throat chakra. The phonemes help you speak your truth with a balance between heart and mind.

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