Enlist Ganesha & Lakshmi for Wealth Attraction

The most important thing is to understand the divinity of Turmeric and the ability that it gives you to be in touch with God… Turmeric came from Heaven, like most other Herbs.” - Dr. Pillai

Ganesha’s birthday is coming on Thursday. Celebrations normally go on for a few days to a week. Ganesha is the elephant-headed remover of obstacles of the Hindu pantheon. He has vast super-intelligence. Tapping into this intelligence can remove obstacles in the way of material, spiritual and romantic success.

Dr. Pillai has revealed a strong connection between Ganesha and Turmeric:

"Turmeric can give you God, and you can talk to Ganesha. Whenever [Ganesha] wants to give [me] something, then he says go to Turmeric. This is the reason why I put Turmeric on the [Herb] list and energized it with the Phonemics (Sacred Sounds for wealth, motivation and confidence).”

Dr. Pillai has noted that, in some Vedic ceremonies, they use Ganesha idols made from Turmeric. Many of these ceremonies begin with the Turmeric Ganesha. Turmeric stands for fertility and abundance, and Ganesha becomes the first to intervene in the ceremony, clearing the way for both.

Call on Both Ganesha & Lakshmi for the Quickest Path to Financial Freedom

Shreem Brzee is a Sacred Sound associated with wealth attraction and the Goddess Lakshmi. Connecting with Lakshmi bestows wealth blessings while calling on Ganesha removes blocks that prevent the blessings from producing fruit.

Shreem Brzee formula is infused with the Shreem Brzee mantra. By taking the sound infused Turmeric, you are infusing your entire body with wealth vibrations.

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To Connect with Lakshmi: Chant Shreem Brzee and infuse yourself with Shreem Brzee Formula with Turmeric.

Chant along with Dr. Pillai in this video.

To Connect with Ganesha: Chant His Maha Mantra - Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha (ohm gahm gahn-uh-pah-tie-YE NAH-muh-hah). He can help you and Lakshmi remove stubborn wealth obstacles if you infuse yourself with Shreem Brzee formula as well.

Chant with Dr. Pillai in this video.

Listen to Dr. Pillai explain the connection between Turmeric and Ganesha Consciousness:

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