Enlightenment Formula Father's Day Sale!

Enlightenment Formula Father’s Day Sale - Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off
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“Siddha herbs bust karma.” - Dr. Pillai

Father’s day is Sunday, June 18th. It’s important to thank your dad. Some of you have pleasant memories. Some of you may have mostly unpleasant memories. Most have a mixture of both. All of these experiences have sculpted who you are today, and all have brought lessons, or potential lessons, that will bring you greater wisdom if you open up to your father’s soul and give thanks.

Eclipta Alba is the active ingredient in Enlightenment Formula. Whether Dad is experiencing hair loss or wants to connect with his Higher Intelligence, Enlightenment Formula is a great gift. It's our #1 karma busting herb as it reveals the unconscious mind.

Taking 2 caps of Enlightenment Formula per day for 30 days could give Dad a brand new perspective on life. He may even understand you more : ).

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Eclipta Alba is associated with the Hindu God Shiva. Shiva is the most compassionate God, and he busts karma. This is the karma that holds us back from progressing on the spiritual and material levels.

Benefits of Eclipta Alba:

• Supports the crown chakra and connects you to your Higher Intelligence
• Aids meditation and concentration
• Prevents hair loss
• Nourishes the liver and eliminates toxins
• Purifies the skin

“Enlightenment Formula is my favorite herbal formula that I never want to go without. It has boosted my concentration, ability to meditate, and seems to have an overall beneficial effect on my physical and spiritual health. I am currently taking 3 capsules in the morning. I have been taking it daily for a couple years. It also helps my hair and skin. My hair is better than it ever has been - thicker, not too many grays, and it has a lot of life to it.” - Betsy Hibbits

Just add 2 bottles to your cart and plug in code DAD2017, and the 2nd bottle is half price.

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