Eclipta Alba’s Greatest Benefit is…

Why Eclipta Alba?

With over 50 research studies on its extraordinarily diverse health benefits for the body, Eclipta Alba is considered a wonder herb even by modern science. However, the ultimate benefits of this herb, according to the Siddhas, are much more profound. Until Dr. Pillai first released this formula through Nambu Botanicals, the true secrets of this herb have been guarded by the Siddha Medicine tradition.

Some Modern Science Benefits:

* Liver detoxification

* Hair, eye, & heart health
* Anti-inflammatory pain relief
* Brain antioxidant & protection
* Learning and memory enhancement

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Some Siddha Science Benefits:

* Purifies chakra system
* Awakens Higher Intelligence
* Opens the Crown Chakra
* Activates the Light Body
* Works at the level of the Soul

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The Greatest Benefit of Eclipta Alba:

Light Body Activation
One of the most famous Siddhas of modern times, Swami Ramalingam, turned his body into light in 1874. The Siddhas consider this full Enlightenment. The apparent miracle was documented by the British, who occupied India at that time.

How did he do it? Swami Ramalingam himself attributed his Light Body transformation to the proper use of the herb, Eclipta Alba.

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Why Light Body Activation?

While the actual transmutation of the gross material body into an energy body of light (E=Mc2) is the end goal, there are innumerable practical benefits included as part of the process. The Siddhas consider it a natural evolutionary experience and birthright of all human beings.

Some benefits include:

* Immunity & healing from diseases
* Activation of higher-level intellect & brain functioning
* Experience of transcendental states of ecstasy & bliss
* Gaining the ability to perform supernormal powers known as “Siddhis”
These and more are associated with the Light Body activation process.

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Why Dr. Pillai’s Birthday?

Dr. Pillai’s birthday, February 1st,  is a time when the subtle forces of the universe support higher evolution, that is, Light Body activation. Due to this heightened energy, the Enlightenment Formula’s potential impact and benefits on the mind/body/Soul complex will be greatly enhanced. If you aren’t already regularly taking this herb, Dr. Pillai’s birthday is the perfect time to start. If you don’t have any right now, it’s still good the other 364 days of the year.

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The Mantra for Light Body Activation

Use this mantra while taking the Enlightenment Formula to enhance your experience:


(sounds like Ahrool)

Longer version:

Arul Perum Jyoti
(AH-rool pay-ROOM JO-tee)

These sound waves correspond to the subtle forces responsible for activating your light body.

Purchase 2 Enlightenment Formulas and Receive 15% off!  Coupon code PillaiBday. Expires on Feb. 4, Sunday.

To Your Empowerment,
Your Nambu Botanicals Team