Eating Tips for Productivity

Some foods destroy creativity and productivity... can you guess which ones?

I seem to stay on top of my game, no matter if I’m eating, showering or negotiating. It’s about being conscious - every single moment. This is what happened when I lost my consciousness…

I was having a business lunch meeting with a friend, feeling very energetic, pouring out creative ideas, highly productive, exchanging thoughts while coming out with the right words to communicate our business plan draft.

When dessert time came, we had Eton mess.

Hi-Health brought me back to life and detoxed my body from the sugar overload.

An overdose of sugar was pumped into my system giving, me a temporary energy boost. As it absorbed into the bloodstream quickly – I experienced the High for what seemed like only a nano-second… as soon as the effect of the boost fell we started feeling very lethargic and drained.

Too tired to come up with more creative ideas, the dessert spelled disaster for our meeting and productivity. With only 10% of the work done, I wanted to go home and rest, since I couldn’t concentrate or think.

Back home, I took 3 Hi-Health Formula capsules with plenty of water to detox my body, which also lifted my mood and cleared my mind from the toxins ingested that drained my energy levels. Here are a few other ways to mitigate the sugar overdose:

• Ginger tea with soy sauce: Grate or chop 1/2 tsp of fresh ginger, simmer in a cup of water for 4 – 6 minutes, add 1/4 tsp of good quality soy sauce, and drink.
• Eat a few salty, cured olives.
• Eat some naturally cured pickles like sauerkraut or takaun daikon pickle (available at health food stores).

What you eat can affect you in many ways, and what you eat can make you feel, think and Act Differently.

How to Get Deep and Restful Sleep

A good night’s sleep is hard to come by. If interrupted, lack of sleep or interrupted sleep will effect work performance. You’re short fused, you eat wrong things, you tend not to pick up the house, etc. I discovered a way to get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling rested… as early as I want (this is hard for me).

2 Love and Grace at Bedtime. I’d read this, but honestly didn’t believe it. I tried it and it hasn’t failed me once. Tulsi de-stresses the nervous system just enough to find deep and restful sleep. And I wake up easily!