Dr. Pillai's Freedom Teachings for Independence Day

The USA is celebrating the anniversary of its Declaration of Independence. There are myriad picnics and community events happening all around the nation. During these events, the topic of freedom comes up frequently. 

There is a common theme to all of Dr. Pillai’s teachings, and that is freedom. Today’s a great day to share some quotes from him plus some Light Body teachings straight from Dr. Pillai. This video has some very funky, meditative and surreal imagery you might enjoy. 

Dr. Pillai Quotes on Freedom & Independence 

“The only hope that I personally see for this world is that this Sound (Shreem Brzee Mantra) will indeed help a lot of people to attain financial independence. Financial independence is everything because it gives you freedom. Freedom makes you authentic. We are now inauthentic. So, the most important thing in life is to become free, is to become authentic.” 

“If you don’t need a check from your boss, you can tell him what you really think about him. Because you want a paycheck, you bite your tongue and compromise. Money gives you freedom and makes you authentic. We are now inauthentic. The most important thing in life is to become free and authentic. To change the world, we must become authentic.” 

“Ultimate Independence” is the independence that has no limitation whatsoever. We need independence from this body, and that is the only true freedom, and that is the only way to power.” 

“The mind has to be completely retrained. Then we will have a tremendous amount of freedom.” 

Experience Freedom of the Subtle Body Dr. Pillai 

“You feel you are stuck. You feel you are a victim to the senses. You feel you are a victim to karma, which are thought patterns that come, nag you over and over again and limit your understanding. So, go into the Subtle Body and detach yourself from the gross body. You will have liberation.” - Dr. Pillai 


Happy Independence Day wherever you are in the world, 

The Nambu Herbs Team 

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