Do You Have These 5 Good Leadership Qualities


Great leaders are not just people who are good at bossing people around. The best leaders don’t need to worry much about disciplining others. They inspire others to be their best. They’re not necessarily bosses, either.

Below are some of the qualities it takes to be an absolutely outstanding leader. How many of them apply to you? Whether they do or not, what can you do to improve each of these skills?

We also have exercises and meditations to improve your leadership skills.

Be Passionate

To be a great leader in any field, it’s best to be passionate about your work and the role of your company or organization in the world. Otherwise, why are you in that business to begin with?  

Passion is contagious, as are some of the best leadership qualities. As a leader, you need to lead the way with passion.

If it’s just fear, and not your industry, that is hurting your passion, then maybe you just need to de-stress. Fear stops passion and makes you tentative. How do you remove the fear that stops you from being passionate?

Practices for Reducing Fear & Increasing Passion

1. Practice Diaphragmatic Breathing

This breathing practice is a staple in many forms of Qigong and in “studio” yoga classes.

Breathe through your nose and let your belly expand in all directions as your lungs fill with air. There should be equal pressure on your groin, your rib area and your lower back. Imagine a balloon in your belly filling up if that helps. Notice the air pressure in a balloon doesn’t distinguish between up, down, front or back.

Exhale slowly, through the nose, then repeat the above.

2. Use the Legs Up the Wall Yoga Pose

This pose will help you let go of fear and anxiety.

  • If you have a yoga mat, roll it like a long cylinder until half of it is rolled and half is flat on the floor. Place the rolled part along where the floor meets the wall. Alternatively, you can use a pillow as well. This is where your butt will be in a minute.
  • Eventually, you will be lying on your back, with your body perpendicular to the wall and your head facing away from the wall. Your legs will be pointing straight up, flush against the wall while your butt is touching the wall. Your legs and the rest of your body will form a right angle.
  • To get there, you may have to lay on your side, swing your legs up the wall, and then scoot your butt closer and closer to the wall.
  • You can call this the Right Angle Corpse Pose if you wish. Like the Corpse Pose, you want to close your eyes, relax and breathe through the nose. As you relax, the breath will deepen. Unlike the Corpse Pose, this one is likely to keep you awake.

 3. Use Herbs that Regulate Cortisol

Our fast paced society causes a lot of activity in the adrenals. They release cortisol and adrenaline in response everyday stressors. This was great in prehistoric times, when it meant you might get eaten. These days, we need to slow this down.

 Adaptogenic herbs like Tulsi (Holy Basil) regulate the secretions of the adrenals and help you live life with more grace. Love & Grace Formula with Tulsi accomplishes this well and activates and heals your heart chakra. This is why we call it Love & Grace.

Listen to Others

Listening to others has a few benefits. Listening, and showing you care, improves morale and reduces turnover.  

Listening also shows respect for a diversity of work and learning styles. Geniuses are often filtered out of workplaces because their brains work differently. In their cases, they often get the job done better. A lack of empathy and deep listening is a good way to chase away the highest quality talent.

How can an herb help you hear better? If you have a listening challenge, it’s probably because you’re having trouble paying attention. Bacopa Monnieri is widely touted as a concentration enhancer by those who have troubles staying focused.

A 12-year study of 48 subjects over 65 years of age noted significant improvements in attention and anxiety levels in those who took 300 mg of Bacopa daily.

Hi-Memory Formula with Bacopa may work wonders for those who want to listen and remember more.

Admit to Weaknesses and Improve Yourself

While humility can cause the less ethical to take advantage of your weaknesses, it’s usually beneficial overall.

Bad leaders don’t want their weaknesses exposed, either to themselves or to others. These leaders will continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.

It’s best to embrace weakness and work on improvement. Doing this will make self-improvement easier for others as well.

Communicate Clearly

 Clear communication means less confusion and less mistakes. When communication is unclear, the best case scenario is that people will use valuable time to ask a lot of questions. Worst case is major errors that waste lots of time and money.

Good leaders make sure everyone understands what’s expected, and they follow through. This gains you genuine respect because it’s seen as mutual respect.

 Don’t Be a Micromanager

The best teams are made up of those you can trust to do their jobs well. Micromanaging can cause resentment, and it can even sabotage the work of the people you’re micromanaging.

The best thing to do instead is learn good hiring practices, beginning with the HR department.

 Be a Living Example of Employee Wellness

Workplace stress alone costs US businesses $300 Billion per year in absenteeism, low energy days, sick time, low concentration and other factors. Other enemies of wellness are bad eating habits, lack of exercise and many others.

All of these things are very expensive.

Good leaders set an example and increase productivity by tackling these issues within themselves.

Learn about eating for health and productivity. Take stretch, prayer and/or meditation breaks. Consume the right herbs that help you optimize each day.

One of the most obvious herb choices for outstanding leadership is Turmeric.

Turmeric strengthens your willpower, reduces inflammation, supports the liver for less “blah” days, reduces stress and increases the frequency of positive moods.

Shreem Brzee Formula is infused with the Ultimate Wealth Building Mantra. Mantras can be very powerful when chanted. They’re even more powerful when your whole body is infused with them.

The mantra invokes the Wealth Goddess Archetype, Lakshmi. She eliminates poverty consciousness and attracts wealth to you, if you let her.