Do This Before Full Moon of the Guru

The Full Moon of the Guru is on July 8th. On this day, all the Gurus come to the Earth plane and give blessings to help us remove our ignorance. The blessings can change your karma and advance your evolution. 

Prepare yourself to receive the blessings for the next couple weeks. Purify your mind and sensitize yourself to the subtle vibrations in your body. It’ll open you to receive blessings from the Divine.

Things to Do Before Full Moon of the Guru

  • Meditate or chant for one hour daily.
  • Take some hours away from work and other routines to de-clutter your mind. This can be for a few minutes at a time.
  • Fast for the sake of purification if you can. When you do eat, eat more vegetarian food than meat. Try to abstain from meat at least 3 days a week. Meat makes your body more gross, and you might have more trouble accessing the subtle realms.
  • Take Enlightenment Formula. Eclipta Alba can help connect you to your Astral Body and make you more sensitive to the subtle vibrations of the coming moon.
  • Get up early, before 5am.

“(Eclipta Alba) can do miracles in terms of changing your karma. It can give you access to the Astral Body. It will clean up the chakras.” - Dr. Pillai

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Join Us for Full Moon of the Guru in San Diego or Online

Dr. Pillai, a Siddha Master, is sharing some of his most in-depth teachings in San Diego on July 5th – 8th. This is a rare opportunity to work with him in-person. Online and in-person participants will receive a very special subtle energy transmission.




“… I was able to connect with my power on a deeper level. I could sense divine beings helping me to clear away negativity in my consciousness… Others have noticed that I smile more and talk in a consistently positive manner.” - Marie Otte, USA