Do Supernatural Powers Exist IN the Natural World?

Halloween is a time when our attention turns to ghosts, goblins, ghouls, zombies, witches, vampires and candy.

Halloween corresponds to the Celtic pagan holiday, Samhain (pronounced SAH-win), which spans from sunset to sunset, October 31st - November 1st, and it marks the end of harvest. It’s also said to be the time when the veil between the Earth plane of physical existence and the astral plane of the dead is thinnest. It’s considered a good time to connect with deceased ancestors.

The thinning of the veil between the living and the dead, along with the “witchcraft” roots, is where the supernatural themes of Halloween originated. Do these supernatural forces really exist?

Is “Supernatural” the Correct Word?

The word “supernatural” seems to imply events that are against natural law, but could it be a misnomer? Witches, stretching back ages, have claimed to listen to and communicate with the spirits of plants. The same goes for Shamans and mystics worldwide, including the Siddha Yogis of Tamil, India.

Could they be describing a real process that merely violates the modern world’s CONCEPT of natural law rather than the reality of nature?

In the year 2000, a couple of house cleaners in Boulder, Colorado noticed an extremely intense and positive energy in a house they were cleaning in the mountains outside of town. Before leaving, they asked the owner about it.

“That’s not me or my family,” said the owner. “It’s the location. The guy who had the house built camped out here for weeks. He talked to the trees, the plants and the rocks, asking all of them to reveal the perfect location for his home, and this was the spot. I couldn’t have done that myself.”

One of the house cleaners currently works on the Nambu team.

Plants Use Sound to Communicate & More

Chinese scientists were able to increase crop yields by using particular sound frequencies (1). Others have changed the metabolic processes of plants with sound. Sound vibrations have also been used to modify vegetables’ resistance to diseases, accelerate growth and seed yield, increase protective enzymes and change the hormonal balance (2).

How do plants do this without ears? The study of plants and sound is somewhat new, but there is speculation that plants detect various frequencies through a sense similar to the human sense of touch.

This doesn’t have to be too farfetched. Some insects detect sonar from bats, and this sense alerts them that they could become dinner. Worms can sense when a mole is coming by detecting subtle vibrations. (1)

Plants will send distress signals to each other through very subtle mechanisms that are not fully understood by science yet. When a plant is being harmed, at least some species will alert other plants nearby. They also send vibration signals when dehydrated and on other occasions.

Are Supernatural Powers Just Natural?

When a human claims to detect another’s hidden emotions or fears through “vibes”, skeptics may assume they’re crazy and that these so-called supernatural powers don’t exist. Claims of speaking to, and listening to, plants may draw similar reactions.

Like the insects and worms above who respond to subtle danger vibrations, these “psychics” are likely processing information that the brain does not perceive by default. In many cases, they spend years rewiring their brains to process and interpret subtle information.

We don’t call dogs psychics just because they hear dog whistles and we do not. Right?

Siddhas, Shamans & Witches are Ahead of Science

The fact that science is starting to design studies and machinery that answer many questions about plants, communication, sound and emotional reciprocity with humans is a fully welcome one.

On the other hand, many of these questions have been answered by witches, indigenous healers, Siddhas and witches thousands of years ago. The methods, in these cases, are experiential. The language used to communicate the answers is different, and incompatible with the language used in typical scientific circles.

The instruments used by traditional healers are brains trained to perceive and process subtle information in unconventional ways. Science, by its nature, is more conservative, and slower.

We’re finally at a point when scientists have the ability to design studies to examine the claims of Siddhas, witches and shamans. This has the effect of translating the mystical language of the latter groups so that scientists and mystics are on the same page while speaking the same language and looking at the same reality.

Infusing Mantras & Phonemes in Plants is a Natural, Not Supernatural, Process

Nambu infuses its herbs with sacred sounds so that the person who uses them gains greater benefits that go beyond the physical chemistry of the herbs. The Siddhas of India intuitively knew that plants responded to sound, and that infusing them with the particular sounds can effect particular changes in the human’s physical and subtle bodies.

Dr. Pillai and Beth Desmarais founded Nambu Botanicals in order to continue the great NATURAL tradition of the Siddhas. If there is a model of reality that refers to it as supernatural, as if it’s something outside of nature, then perhaps that’s only because that model needs to be updated to reflect new understandings of reality as they emerge.

It looks like science is finally catching up to us.