Courage is Vital for Success

Courage is important. When you lack courage, it affects everything you say and do. You may miss opportunities related to business, new friends or love. 

Having courage could be the difference between a long-term soulmate relationship and loneliness. Those with courage win more often. 

Tips for Increasing Courage 

Talk to Strangers. Find someone who seems very different from you and start a conversation. 

Use Bacopa or L-Theanine. These are great, and safe, substances for social anxiety, and they’re amazing brain-boosting nootropics as well. Bacopa is the main ingredient in our 3rd eye enhancing Hi-Memory Formula. 

Remember to Breathe. If you’re about to ask someone on a date or feel nervous about talking to someone for the first time, always mind your breath. Smooth, diaphragmatic breathing means you’re embracing the experience, and it will help you become less nervous. 

Try New and Scary Things. Have you tried skydiving or theater acting? If you’re afraid of public speaking, join a local Toastmasters group and give speeches. 

Wear Something Daring. Pick a day to dress how you’ve always wanted to rather than what fashion or workplaces dictate. If it makes you a little nervous to wear the outfit to a particular place or event, that's great! Do it! 

Use Turmeric. Turmeric is a natural way to increase confidence, willpower, productivity and faith while lowering stress and boosting energy. 

Turmeric is the main ingredient in our Hi-Health and Shreem Brzee Formulas. Hi-Health is infused with sacred syllables to enhance confidence, willpower and faith while Shreem Brzee is infused with the Ultimate Wealth Building Mantra. 

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