Can music therapy replace medicines?

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Pythagoras, the ancient mathematician and mystery school teacher, hypothesized that music could replace medicine in the treatment and prevention of many diseases. Last November, a group of humanitarian researchers launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund a series of studies to test his hypothesis. (1)(2)

In this all-or-nothing campaign, they raised 103% of their $1,5000 goal. From there, they began their first set of experiments. The goal of the initial experiments was to determine the effects of musical genres, sound frequencies and ultrasound frequencies on the longevity of red blood cells.

Can Music Improve The
Longevity Of Red Blood Cells?

During the first trial, researchers monitored the death rate of the red blood cells using a counter. They tested the effect of a musical environment against a “quiet” environment with a normal level of background noise.

One of the researchers, John Stuart Reid, described the first experiment:

“The first experiment exposed blood to classical music at a level of 80 dBA in an incubator for 20 minutes, while a control vial of blood was exposed to a quiet environment, 35 dBA, in an incubator located in the lab’s Faraday Cage, for the same time period. The results were significantly positive in favor of music, that is, the red blood cell count for the sample exposed to music was significantly higher than for the count for the quiet sample. (Actual results will be published when all experiments have been completed).”

That was the first round. The second round involved a control environment with white noise that was at the same volume as the music. The purpose was to make sure it was the music causing the positive results and not some other factor, like infrared vibrations in the music.

As it stands, the above quote is the only available public information about the results. Results from the second round have not been published yet.

How Sound Vibrations Improve Plant Growth

For many decades, researchers have experimented with various music genres, and other types of sound, to determine their effects on plant growth. It turns out that some sound patterns may kill plants while others cause them to thrive. Nambu Botanicals has compiled information on some of these studies in the blog and on the Sound Research page.

If the funding materializes, we may even catalyze some research on the effects of PHONEME INFUSED™ herbs. The infusion of herbs with phonemes and mantras is an ancient Vedic process. Scientific research on plants and sound is much newer, so there is a lot to learn.

Why Red Blood Cells?

The researchers didn’t really say what positive results in the lifespans of red blood cells imply in terms of health. They did drop a hint, though. They had a hunch that water is particularly responsive to sound, so starting with blood made sense. If music is able to help red blood cells live longer, then maybe it can help other types of cells as well. Good initial results would act as a green light for more complex research that is more consequential.

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