Calm Your Emotions & Attract Luck With Tulsi


Tulsi or Holy Basil is also known throughout India and Ayurvedic tradition as the Incomparable One – the herb that blesses our souls with a renewed sense of serenity and opens our hearts to give and receive love.  

Our Love & Grace PHONEME-INFUSED™ Tulsi is beloved by customers.  This unique adaptogen both calms and energizes:

My daughter has fallen in love with this. She is a Vata recently relocated to NYC after college, exciting but also stressful time for her. This herbal remedy is both calming & energizing, & great for the cold winter weather. She says her skin looks great too! Not to mention the hidden benefits of the sacred sound infusion. Thank u   Carolyn R

I have felt that my heart is open and if l feel upset about something it doesn’t last long. I feel at peace quickly with my life and situations and people.   Christine T

4 ways Love and Grace Smooths Emotions & Attracts Love

  1. The only herb who IS a Goddess!  

By offering Tulsi in a ceremony or ingesting it, you’re becoming a lover of Krishna. Krishna represents the Divine. Tulsi opens the heart chakra to the Divine. This detached emotional connection is what makes miracles possible.


  1. Tulsi is the *Best* Adaptogen for our Emotions and Breathing Passageways

Tulsi’s active ingredients soothe the nervous system by reducing both stress and anxiety.  A happy-go-lucky state of mind which activates the intuitive mind.

  • Activates the heart chakra so you can give and receive love more freely
  • Loosens mucus in the chest
  • Stimulates the libido naturally
  • Fuels the brain and other organs with oxygen
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Supports the immune system
  • Tulsi is rich in a molecule called ursolic acid.  This active phyto-ingredient seems to be a promising phyto-nutrient, decreasing fat and increasing muscle.  (1)

  1.   Love and Grace phonemes infused are for “Attraction”.  Attraction isn’t only on the outside, it’s in your cells too.   Through taking Love and Grace with phoneme infusion, the attraction vibrates at the deepest, cellular level. This is even supported by science with certain chemicals and enzymes firing in the brain.  

  1. 4. Tulsi is always with and worshiping Krishna.  Nambu Herbs Founder Dr. Pillai pointed out that Krishna devotees in India draw a straight line on their forehead up from the 3rd eye spot between the two eyes up to the top of the forehead. This represents activation of the mid-brain for intuition and manifestation abilities.  These two things lead you to lucky breaks in life. Love and Grace formula is the easy way to achieve the benefit of meditation.