Beautify Your Skin & Light Body Naturally


Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It also determines beauty more than any other organ. 

Skin care is a huge industry. In the US, the market is expected to hit the $11 Billion point in 2018. Globally, it may reach almost $200 Billion by 2024. 

Demand for skin care products is growing rapidly. The largest increase in demand is for organic and natural products. 

Ayurveda and Siddha medicine have been using Eclipta Alba for ages. One of the reasons is that it has profound effects on skin health.

Using Eclipta Alba orally or topically has profound effects on skin and hair quality. It even outperforms Minoxidil in some studies. For best results, you can take it both orally and topically. It’s the active ingredient in Nambu’s Enlightenment Formula. 

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Bhringraj is the herb Swami Ramalingam used when he turned his body into light. When it’s said that it makes the skin shine… well, never mind. 

In all seriousness, a major factor that makes good looking skin is what’s on the inside. Spirituality brings more light into your cells and tissues. Enlightenment Formula is our spiritual flagship product containing Bhringraj. It connects you to your crown chakra and your light body. We’ll list some of its uses here for those interested in inner and outer beauty.  

Restores Skin Pigment and Treats Skin Conditions 

Some common skin conditions are characterized by white patches on the skin. People often find great success using Eclipta Alba topically. Treatment lasts between two months and two years for some conditions. You can make a paste with powdered Eclipta Alba or crushed leaves and either sesame seed oil or water. The herb is also used for a wide variety of skin conditions. 

Treats Cracked Heels 

Using Bhringraj for cracked heels can bring great results within a few days. This is another topical application for the herb. You can make a paste with powder or leaves. 

Soothes Skin Allergies 

Skin allergies are generally are not known for contributing to attractiveness. Eclipta Alba has a remarkable ability to reduce the inflammation. 

Heals Wounds 

Eclipta Alba has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. You can place it on your wounds to help them heal more quickly. It’s also used as a pain killer. This benefit comes in handy for painful wounds. 

Purifies the Blood 

Taking Eclipta Alba orally purifies the blood, causing the skin to appear healthier. 

Improves Liver Function 

The liver has profound effects on the health of the skin. When your liver is not properly filtering out toxins, your body will try to force them out through the skin. This can lead to eczema, acne, rashes and other skin ailments. Eclipta Alba detoxifies the liver and supports its overall health. 

It also reduces the swelling of the liver caused by tobacco, alcohol and excessive coffee and tea use. Bhringraj stimulates the production of bile so that toxins are more easily removed from the body. 

Improves Hair Health as Well 

Eclipta Alba is also used to promote healthy hair. In men, it decreases hair thinning and graying and contributes to hair and follicle growth. In men and women, it can reverse the graying process. You can use the herb orally or topically to receive these benefits. 

Eclipta Alba is the active ingredient in Nambu’s Enlightenment Formula. This formula is PHONEME INFUSED™ with sacred syllables to support the crown chakra, the energy center associated with God-consciousness.

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