Awaken Your Brain for Muruga’s Birthday 

The human DNA has been corrupted with death, misery and disease. This is a time when we need reprogramming at the genetic level.

Muruga is the Pleiadian God responsible for giving humanity a break during the Golden Age, an era we are now entering. He is alive on Earth to assist us during this process.

This compassionate archetype represents the brain (intelligence) and the third eye/pineal gland (intuition and spiritual insight).

June 7th is Muruga’s Birthday, and Nambu Botanicals is celebrating it.

The birthdays of Gods and Goddesses are very powerful. The late Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi, used to celebrate Christmas as the birth of Christ Consciousness within. Dr. Pillai speaks the same way of Muruga.

He explains, “I don’t want to complicate this: what the “birth of a god” means for us is the birth of a particular god within oneself.”

What is being birthed within us on Muruga’s birthday? Brain activation. This means the third eye especially, since Muruga was born from the third eye of Shiva.

Muruga’s Ah Ooh Mantra

Muruga once appeared to Dr. Pillai and gave him a simple mantra, Ah Ooh.

“When you realize this Ah Ooh, the body will turn into light.” - Dr. Pillai

Listen to Dr. Pillai Tell His Story of Muruga:

Like others born from Shiva, Muruga is also a spiritual warrior. He led a divine army in a war against the demons and won. People often call on Him as a great protector.

Herbs that Birth Muruga Consciousness

Bacopa Monnieri Activates the Third Eye

Bacopa is a very popular nootropic herb. It increases oxygen in the brain and leads to excellent recall during the learning process, especially in academics. It also helps activate your pineal gland and third eye. Like some other nootropics, Bacopa enhances libido and athletic performance as well.

If you already have a stash of Bacopa, be sure to take some for Muruga’s birthday. Hi-Memory Formula is infused with specific third eye chakra sound vibrations that increase herbal potency and activate the Third Eye chakra. If you wish to connect with Muruga in an ongoing manner, to improve your intuition and change your DNA, give yourself the gift of Hi-Memory Formula from Nambu.

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Eclipta Alba Activates the Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is associated with Divine Intelligence, direct knowing, spiritual warriorhood and connection with the Supreme Absolute.

People who use Eclipta Alba report being more focused during meditation. The Siddha Masters have used it to induce ecstatic states.

It also promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss and acts as a detox agent. Enlightenment Formula is infused with sacred sounds to support the crown chakra.

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The mantra and the herb have the same resonance. Just like in a symphony, when the composer/arranger carefully adds the perfect instrument which accents the melody, so our mantras do for the herbs and vice versa. They boost one another's power.

If you are taking the time and energy to do one thing, why not have it make the most impact on your life? It could be the difference between having clarity and right vision and having a cloudy and vague direction.