Are You Creating Good Karma?


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“Karma is… a way or a means through which the Soul learns and evolves.” - Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai also states, “You do something and then it creates a set of reactions. To make it simple, you did some good things and these good things create certain reactions, resulting in reward.” 

If you do bad deeds, “then you come back to go through the pain of your bad actions.”

This process can span multiple lifetimes.

Karma is a Thought Process

Dr. Pillai has said, “Literally, the word [karma] means action. But thinking is also an action. So Karma is better defined as a thought process, as deposits within the brain, you know, that follows you life after life after life.”

If you steal a car in one life, this could create self-sabotage and thoughts of unworthiness. In the future, you might have problems manifesting a reliable car.

You are affected by what you do, say, hear, see, feel, read, watch, listen to. You're also affected by the people you associate with and the conversations you participate in. Each of these influences can trigger or stimulate one or more of the other influences. All of them in combination have created, and are creating, the person you are today, and every aspect of your life. This is your karma. It's a function of the mind.

If karma is a thought process, then you’re really not stuck with it because thoughts can be changed.

Mantra for Karma Removal

In this video is one of Dr. Pillai’s favorite karma-busting mantras, Thiru Neela Kantam (pr. TEE-roo NEE-lah KAHN-uhm). 


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How Eclipta Alba Changes Karma

"It is going to address your karma, because there is financial karma, there is relationship karma, there is health karma. All this karma will be addressed by this herb.” - Dr. Pillai

Eclipta gives you access to your subconscious mind and subtle thought patterns. With this awareness, you may let go of bad karma naturally.

Eclipta Alba is the main ingredient in Nambu’s Enlightenment Formula. The formula is infused with sacred syllables to help you access your Higher Intelligence through the crown chakra.

How to Create Good Karma

The key to creating good karma is to practice good thoughts and actions. If you have trouble thinking of ideas, then the internet is your friend. Search for “creative random acts of kindness ideas” in a search engine. Make a "kindness kalendar" to schedule your positive actions.

Always remember to remove bad karma and generate good karma regularly.

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