Anti-Aging Tips You May Not Have Heard

Photo:  Amy Treasure (@Unsplash)


A few of our favorite longevity tips to help you enjoy life longer :) 

We all want to stay young. You’ve probably seen a lot of tips for doing so, but have you seen the ones below? All are backed with sound scientific research, just like all of the PHONEME INFUSED herbs at Nambu Botanicals.


Maintain a Sense of Purpose

Researchers kept track of the work habits of 1,528 Americans, beginning in the 1920’s when they were kids, until 2011. They were chosen by school teachers based on “giftedness”. The study found that a conscientious work ethic can extend life by 2 or 3 years. The kids who were dependable went on to live longer. The study’s authors said the men likely lived longer because they had less risky behavior, entered stable relationships as adults, and had better social networks. The least dutiful men were much more likely to fight Japan in World War 2. Volunteer, and do something meaningful, when you retire from a job. (1)

Make Friends & Keep them

Multiple studies have shown that strong social networks improve health. Some say they improve health cumulatively over time, leading to biological youth and a longer life (2). If you find yourself without friends, find new people with similar interests. Seek churches, volunteer organizations, meetup groups or clubs. If you really don’t want to do this, pets count as friends and help people live longer (5).


Embrace Challenges with Resilience

Eustress, the type of stress that gives you the drive to make good things happen in life, can help you live longer. A Harvard study found a correlation between embracing challenges and having strong social networks (2). Try new things, learn new things, persist with resilience and stay challenged and active.

Use Anti-Aging Herbs Like Guduchi

Guduchi is the primary anti-aging herb in Ayurveda and Siddha Medicine. One of its Indian names is Amrit, which means “nectar, or elixir, of immortality.” It’s packed with antioxidants and balances the immune system. It reduces stress and anxious thoughts. Whether you use it orally or topically, it keeps your hair and skin looking and feeling young. (3)(4


All of Nambu’s herbs are infused with sound vibrations in accordance with the old Ayurveda and Siddha Medicine traditions. Our Guduchi is infused with sounds that support the Throat Chakra and free expression of your unique self and your higher truth.

“Guduchi is incredible, I can feel a surge of Kundalini energy through my throat and into my brain chakras. truly amazing. Love from Australia.” - Michael T, Verified Buyer


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Photo:  Amy Treasure @Unsplash