Heart Chakra Balancing

 Heart Chakra Balancing

The fourth chakra, called anahata, is located at the Heart. “Anahata” means un-struck sound. The anahata chakra is associated with unconditional love, compassion, and joy. It is the source of deep and profound truths that cannot be expressed in words. Anahata is a bridge between the lower and upper chakras integrating the manifest with the spiritual.


Natural Element: Air

Body Association: Heart, upper back, thorax and thoracic cavity, lower lungs, the blood and circulatory system and the skin.

Gland: Thymus, which regulates and controls the lymphatic system.

A balanced Heart Chakra is surrounded by unconditional love, compassion, joy, freedom, growth and peace.

Some signs that the Heart Chakra is out of balance are:

    • Negative thinking
    • Lack of self-discipline
    • Jealously, fear
    • Difficulty in relationships
    • High/Low blood pressure
    • Dependence on someone else for your happiness

Here are some tips to open your Heart chakra.

Be Green, See Green and Breath Green: get out in nature. The Heart chakra is about the color green. Visualize a green color and feel the power of meditation in peace. Imagine your Heart filled with green inside and inhale the sense of green in your every breathe and you will find the difference.

Choose your thoughts: we all have positive and negative thoughts. Every time you get negative thoughts on self or another person, reject the negative thoughts, get alert and  STOP, encourage only positive thoughts.

Practice yoga for your Heart Chakra: a regular yoga practice is a great way to open your Heart chakra and the entire chakra system. Try cobra pose, Intended to broaden the chest area through breath. Cobra is a great asana for opening the Heart chakra. Not only does it promote spinal strength, but it also invigorates the circulatory system.

Be love, Give love;  in order to open the Heart chakra, it is essential enough for you to fall in love, allow yourself to be loved and allow yourself to love others. This is the best and easiest way to cleanse and balance the Heart chakra.

Forgive: forgiveness is essential to healing the Heart. It is hard for people to forgive those who have hurt them. Just forgive and move on.