An Important Karma Removal Time is Coming

A powertime is a point in time when astrological conditions become auspicious for a particular purpose. For example, there are times called 4th and 14th Moons that are excellent days to call on Obstacle-Remover Archetype Ganesha. Other times may be good for calling on Lakshmi, Archetype of Wealth. 

The 1.5 hours before sunset on July 21st is a powertime called Pradosham. It falls on the 13th Moon. It’s an excellent time to call on Shiva to remove unwanted karma that holds you back from breakthroughs in wealth, relationships, health and other matters. 

" [Karma removal] Pradosham time is the 13th Moon, as most of you who have been following my teachings will know. Particularly the 13th Moon during the waning Moon is the most important Pradosham." - Dr. Pillai 

This particular Pradosham is very favorable for removing karma associated with oppression. This makes it a great day to seek forgiveness for wrongdoing and forgive others.  

Karma is Chemistry 

We act in a certain way because we are compelled to. It's hard to break reactive thought patterns. Sounds are the building blocks of the Universe and us. You can use Dr. Pillai’s sounds and mantras to change bad patterns.  

The Siddhas also use herbs, like Eclipta Alba to loosen and release bad karma. They consider herbs as important as sounds to attain a high level of awareness and ward off unproductive thoughts and emotions. Enlightenment Formula (Eclipta Alba) has been taken by Siddhas for focused concentration and the removal of karma – particularly karma from past lives. 

Take Advantage of this Karma Busting Time Window 

There is a backstory behind Pradosham and Shiva’s connection with it. It’s an ancient Shiva story, but it’s thoroughly relevant and practical today. Dr. Pillai explains it all in this video and how to use this special powertime.

Karma is a pattern of thoughts that are created in response to your past actions. They are often unconscious and have a profound effect on events in your life. Certain plants and mantras have the power to bring those thoughts to the surface and change them. This frees you from the shackles of your past and allows you to manifest a bright future.

Eclipta Alba is the active ingredient in Nambu’s Enlightenment Formula. It activates your crown chakra and cleanses all the chakras. It also allows sabotaging thought patterns to come to the surface and be transmuted. Therefore, this herb changes karma. 

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