An Earth Day Special from Nambu

Happy Earth Day!  This holiday, founded in 1970, is a time to honor the Earth, keep Her free from litter and support policies and practices that keep Her ecosystem healthy. 

We’re celebrating this special day by offering you a free bottle of Nambu Herbs until midnight tonight. See the details below. 

One common theme that comes up every Earth Day is the Goddess, usually in the form of Gaia. If you pray to the Goddess with sincerity, She will bless you and your herbs with the powers of wealth, health and manifestation. 

Here are some boons you can expect from the Mother:

  • Having the care to nurture others and be nurtured
  • Opening your heart and loving unconditionally and without expectation
  • Receiving the fuel and healing you need from her plants

The Mother is always ready to bless you with her bounty if you treat her well and connect with her regularly. 

Another thing the Earth Mother provides is grounding. She helps to keep your plans grounded and practical, as you’re not just an etheric being. A little time in the woods, or near a lake, can bring clarity of mind and erase your spaciness or excessive mental chatter. You leave the space with the fuel that you need on your path forward. 

The Mother also provides precious luxury gems, healing stones and plants. 

Nambu Botanicals chose, as its logo, the diamond. The diamond represents the precious gifts of light, health and wealth that She is waiting to give you. Therefore, Earth Day is a special time for us at Nambu Botanicals. 

To celebrate Earth Day, we’re offering a free bottle of our formulas when you buy 5. Add 6 items to your cart and use code NambuEarth (case sensitive) for the discount. The sale starts April 22nd PST and ends at midnight!

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Our Earth Day Recommendations

Hi-Health Formula (Turmeric and Black Pepper)

Turmeric, like Ginger, grows in the ground. Its benefits are too numerous to list. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory, a neuron protector and your liver’s best friend. It’s also a mood enhancer that helps you stay focused and productive all day long. Some use it to help them manifest their desires. The black pepper extract makes sure you absorb and utilize most of the nutrients in the turmeric. Hi-Health is PHONEME INFUSED with sacred sound technology to support your subtle body.

By Hi-Health Formula Direct From Nambu

Love and Grace Formula (Holy Basil or Tulsi) 

Tulsi, or Holy Basil, is a gift of love from the Goddess. This herb opens the heart chakra to help you give and receive love freely. It lowers cortisol levels and strengthens libido, the immune system and glucose metabolism. Read more about Love and health Formula in the link below. Love and Grace is PHONEME INFUSED with sacred sound technology to support your subtle body and heart chakra.

Learn More and Buy Love & Grace Direct from Nambu