Agastya - Leader of the Pack and Siddhi Medicine

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Agastya, the Siddha whose faith and leadership influenced many in the world also greatly influenced the creation of Nambu Botanicals. Agastya has always been known as the Chief Siddha and as the earliest known Siddha.  He is so beloved in India and especially in Tamil Nadu where he is also known as the patron saint of South India.

The story goes that Muruga, son of Lord Siva and Goddess Parvati gave the Siddha medicine system to Agastya.  Agastya then became the conscious divine custodian of all Siddha medicine on earth.  In the Puranas (stories of mythology) he is also described as the "Dwarf Sage". Even though short in stature he performed mighty deeds and miracles and helped mankind, even to this day.

As time progressed, Agastya now an expert then taught 17 other Siddhas who then in turn shared ost of their knowledge and teachings with human beings, helping many to experience amazing healings.

The Siddhas focused on the eight primary supernatural powers or siddhi powers.  Siddhas believed that a healthy soul can only be developed through a healthy body. Their main purpose was to develop methods and medicines created to strengthen the physical body and thereby the soul. They practiced intense yogic practices, including years of periodic fasting and meditation, and were believed to have achieved supernatural powers.  They were the keepers of very ancient and divine secrets that led them to overall immortality.  They wrote scriptures on all aspects of life, from arts to science, with the model of "oneness" and miracle cures for diseases. Miracles! Yes they do exist and still exist! 

Agastya's divine faith, knowledge, leadership and courage have transcended time.  The ability to transcend time is also a Siddhi power.  Siddha Medicine is more than just a protocol; it has far deeper dimensions to it, just like Nambu Botanicals' phoneme infused herbs.

New to Nambu? Start here with Hi-Health Turmeric!

Hi-Health is the perfect starter herb to take.  Turmeric is a very well-sought herb internationally and is loaded with powerful phytonutrients, known as curcuminoids, which improve the health of cell membranes, making you more resistant to serious infection and disease. Turmeric is used as a natural remedy for pain relief, inflammation, is an anti-fungal, and a "go-to" herb for gut-health support with anti-oxidant benefits. There are so many more and amazing benefits to Turmeric with over 6,000+ studies. 

Beyond anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, Hi-Health has sacred sounds that detoxify your energy bodies, your navel chakra and uplifts your belief in you

When it comes to health, we are all getting better at diagnosing illness and disease, however the downtime felt while ill is still time-consuming and energy consuming.   Nambu's Hi-Health will support you and your need for fast optimal healing with an added bonus of increased levels of resilience. 

So let's transcend time and have complete health and happiness! Just like Agastya.

Begin your journey of healing now with Hi-Health!

Supporting you and your journey of self-discovery and health,

Nambu Botanicals

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