Activate Your “Divine Blanket” of Protection

Do you know who Narasimha is? He is a ferocious God archetype who protects you when you connect with him. Narasimha is known for conquering negative forces in your life and the demons within. 

People call on this archetype to protect them and their families, to avoid bad dreams, to sleep peacefully and to nurture their physical beauty. 

Narasimha’s protective powers are fueled by his deep devotion to Radha and Krishna, the Divine Couple. They represent the marriage (oneness) of the male and female energies. They also represent the oneness of human devotees and God. With this one pointed consciousness, Narasimha frees you from negative inner and outer obstacles. 

If you experience a recurring pattern of negative forces in your life and trace it to its source, it’s likely that these forces are connected to negativity within. Without those negative beliefs and thought patterns, which are often subconscious, the external negativity may not have anything to connect with. They’ll be less likely to be drawn to you. 

Narahimsa’s birthday is coming on 8th May, 2017. This is a good time to offer Him a gift. The blessings will go both ways.

Tulsi (Holy Basil) is the herb people normally use to connect with Narasimha. It provides a “divine blanket” of love and protection. It also cleans up your thoughts so that you can change your external circumstances for the better. It’s also known for opening the heart chakra and increasing the oxygen levels in your blood and organs. You may notice a healthy increase in your libido because of the increased oxygen. You also may notice lower amounts of stress hormones like cortisol.

Tulsi has powerful purification properties, and there is science to back this up. The agency responsible for the Taj Mahal is planting Tulsi on its grounds to remove impurities from the air and replace them with abundant life-giving oxygen.

Nambu’s Love and Grace Formula contains Tulsi as its main ingredient. Use it to purify yourself and remain stress-free. Be sure to offer some to Narahimsa as well. The benefits for the heart chakra will allow you to connect with Him more deeply, and this will give you more protection.

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