How To Achieve Success in 5 Steps

Achieving success requires a certain set of habits and skills. Prepare a Template for Success by utilizing the tips below given by Dr. Pillai. The template can have time tables and key behavior changes.

  1. Behavior Changes – Loving and caring for people is very important for success … as opposed to shutting the door (after going into a room).  It doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship or a close friendship; it can be a business colleague or contact. People want to give to those who give to them.  
  2. Calculate how much time you spend talking to contacts. Make a schedule to call your contacts. Strongly consider increasing the calling time if you already have a schedule.
  3. List the people you want to be in touch with. Review this periodically.  They should be successful people.
  4. Ask yourself, “Are you wasting your time on bad projects.”  How to know? What is the revenue stream and when.  This could be from sales for your business as well as from investment.
  5. Split your time between survival revenue and unlimited money. But don’t be delusional. How do you know if you are delusional?  You have no plan for how you will make the money.

What does success have to do with herbs?  A lot. Just to start, the “Ethno-botanical mytho-therapy” of Nambu Botanicals has roots that link our herbs to abundance, wealth, confidence, fear–removal and creative thinking … and the pharmacological aspects go into brain functions of memory, focus and cognitive abilities.

To learn more watch Dr. Pillai speak on what tulsi can do for you in achieving wealth below (watch video until 1:42):