How To Achieve Love & Grace: The Story of Tulsi

The story of how the Holy Basil (Tulsi) plant came to be the Goddess of Abundance and Prosperity is shown in Brinda's immortal love for Lord Vishnu. Who was Brinda?

Brinda was the daughter of a King in India. Brinda married a bad guy King named Jala (we shortened it). Jala couldn’t help being bad since the energy he was born from was a fierce energy which came out of the God, Lord Shiva. Everyone has those days…

(fyi..Brinda becomes Tulsi) 

Since he had good roots, Jala got a power from Lord Vishnu, the God of Wealth, in Hinduism. Jala was gifted with the power to be Invincible, with one catch … his wife Brinda had to maintain her purity and high moral standards. This was actually easy for Brinda – she had purity covered and not only that, Brinda, had all desirable qualities – beauty, intelligence, devotion, charm and we assume she was a fashionable dresser, too. Brinda loved Lord Vishnu beyond all and always worshipped him. All of this meant that Jala’s might and strength could grow considerably. However, since he had some “not-so-good” tendencies he started to take advantage of and misuse his abundant might and strength. This was a real problem because he was very, very aggressively harassing good people and even demigods! And since he had the power; not even Lord Shiva could defeat him.

So, Lord Vishnu (who has a trickster side) devised a very shrewd plan to save the good people and demigods who were at Jala’s mercy. In his tricky plan, he took the form of Jala, who was away on the battlefield at the time. In the guise of Jala, Lord Vishnu spent time intimately with Brinda, who in turn lost her purity ... You can guess what happened. As per the Invincible condition, Jala was no longer all mighty and lost his power and strength. Which in turn enabled Lord Shiva to kill him. Upon hearing of this trick and the death of her husband, Brinda was very mad at Lord Vishnu and since she had so much power, her emotion turned to him into a stone.

Important point: Brinda had many lives before she became Brinda … and in every birth she had this amazing love for Lord Vishnu. A little ironic, huh?

Lord Vishnu wasn’t mad at being a stone for awhile. He looked beyond this slight and instead became filled with admiration for Brinda as he saw how much she loved him. Out of love for Brinda he made Her immortal AND universally adored! Thus, the soul of Brinda became the immortal Tulsi plant, the divine plant brimming with therapeutic qualities, the plant goddess that gives energy and sustenance, with greenery that represents eternal youth and abundance. The Tulsi plant is a symbol of purity dear to Lord Vishnu, who is always adorned with Tulsi garland. So he made sure she is with him ... always.

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P.S.  We are keeping the sound, the phoneme that Dr. Pillai put in Tulsi a mystery, but if you read up on Tulsi you may get some hints.

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