3 Tips On How To Beat A Budget

About a month ago, I discovered that daily review of my home-grown excel spreadsheet of monthly expenses and money in-take affected my consciousness. I noticed my monthly money was declining. I decided to unwind my consciousness to see why..since every habit or happening in life starts with a THOUGHT, oftentimes unconscious.  

What I found in my inner inspection is that I became limited in my thinking. Each day, I would examine the excel spreadsheet and adjust the values to see how I was financially faring.  If it went down I would immediately think..uh-oh, I have to cut my expenses. These frequent adjustments and evaluations patterned my thoughts to be in a “cutting mentality”.  Unconsciously, I reinforced the pattern in my brain to CUT and not GROW.  By continually adjusting the spreadsheet, I was literally training my brain to be limited in my thinking.  My abundance consciousness was taking a real hit!

I immediately did 3 things which turned the situation around right away:

  1. I adjust the spreadsheet only once a week – and stop the unconscious patterning on limited resources.  
  2. I take Love and Grace every day. This herb, Tulsi, has the property to activate thought patterns of abundance and wealth.  And its easy to do!  
  3. I challenge myself to think about how to Grow finances everyday and less about how to Cut. 

How does an herb influence my money?

First, Tulsi is the herb of abundance. It’s been used for 1000’s of years in worship and to bring prosperity and abundance.  Most everyone from India knows Tulsi brings wealth. Widely worshipped for its energetic-attraction quality to bring money, a Tulsi plant is often cared for in homes as the energy of Tulsi is beneficial for in-flow. 

Dr. Pillai mentions that “consciousness is chemistry” and Tulsi has a very unusual activity within our bodies.  Yes, it rids us of stress but what’s more extraordinary is that Tulsi also rids us of anxious feelings.  In my research, anxiousness is most often triggered by one obsessive thought or phobia. Scientists have found that anxiousness is caused by an obsessive thought pattern which leads to phobias. Love and Grace can relieve the intensity of phobic and obsessive thinking! 

Phyto-chemical characteristics of Tulsi opens air passages in the lungs. Maintaining healthy inflammation in our heart tissue,  Tulsi with special sound infusion can help open up the incoming and internal streams of health and wealth!