3 Simple Steps To Manage Adrenal Fatigue

Are you always tired, have trouble concentrating or experience body aches on a daily basis? If so, you may be part of the estimated 80% of people in the world affected by adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue, more commonly addressed as chronic stress, affects the body’s ability to recover from physical, mental and emotional stress, causing symptoms such as lack of concentration and constant tiredness.

Manage adrenal fatigue by applying these three simple steps to reduce stress on your body and mind:

1) Avoid foods that tax your body: Caffeine, Processed and Microwaved Foods, and Sweeteners

As with anything that impacts your well­being, diet remains the important foundation in maintaining optimal health. In order to achieve adrenal health you need to limit the foods that tax your adrenals. These foods include caffeine, which affects your sleep cycle, and foods that contain high­fructose corn syrup such as artificial sweeteners. Additionally, try to prepare your own food whenever possible. Foods that are microwaved or processed, contain preservatives that are hard to digest, taxing the body’s energy and digestive system.

2) Increase superfoods that maintain adrenal health.

Nutrient­dense foods such as chicken, turkey, avocado, nuts and vegetables have healthy fats and fiber that allow the body to achieve optimal adrenal health.

3) Listen to your mind and stress needs.

Listen to your mind and stress needs. What does this mean? Sleep for a minimum 8 hours a night, minimize stress, and increase positive habits such as maintaining fun activities that allow you to relax you everyday.

How do you manage manage adrenal fatigue and daily stress? We recommend daily meditation to help you increase your energy and improve your focus. Learn tips on how to meditate by subscribing to the Nambu Botanicals’ newsletter ​here​.



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