What Part Of the Brain Is Engaged In Direction?

Unblock the Third Eye for a Healthy Direction in Life

Why are some people better at giving direction than taking orders? Direction can take on many different forms and meaning. This is why making the wrong conscious decisions can lead to sadness, depression and bad karma. So which part of the brain is engaged in direction, the pilot steering us on the right course? After all, we are faced with so many options and forks in the road, which path will lead us on the route we want to take? One thing we do know is that these decisions will have an affect on our karma.

The left side of the brain is the part of the brain that is engaged in direction. It's the left part of the brain that deciphers those directions you are reading, processing the information that leads you to your destination. The left side of the brain directs your conscious actions. The good news about the left side of the brain is it favors routine and sameness. Daily routines, such as Meditation, can lead to a better, more focused life and bring about positive emotions in the brain, all functions loved by the Left part of the brain.

Left Brain Functions:

  • Right Side of Body Control
  • Number Skills
  • Math/Scientific Skills
  • Written Language
  • Spoken Language
  • Objectivity
  • Analytical
  • Logic
  • Reasoning
  • Conscious Actions
  • Positive Emotions
  • Receiving Auditory Input
  • Linear and Logical Thinking
  • Curious and Impulsive Actions
  • Activates Immunity
  • Likes Routine/Sameness

When the Left part of the brain is out of sync, balance is required to get us back onto the right path. A blocked or unhealthy Brow Chakra will benefit from healing herbs that help you get on the correct path toward a healthy Third Eye and good karma. The Third Eye will benefit from herbs that heal and unblock the path on our avenue towards wisdom. With a clear path and unblocked Third Eye, the mind center will enable us to learn from our experiences and put them into proper perspective. As the popular hit song goes, “Free your mind (of confusion) and the rest will follow.”

An open brow chakra will help us achieve the reasoning behind the visual images we receive through meditation. Keep the Third Eye healthy and follow your path to enlightenment. Nambu Botanicals provides Herbal Health for the Mind, Body and Spirit.