Understanding Your Chakras and What They Do

The seven chakras of our body are the energy centers of our body. Whether you’re feeling down or sick with a cold, this may be due to a blocked chakra. The better understanding you have of your chakra health, the more proactive you can be in controlling your energy center. Here’s brief guide on what each chakra represents and what you can do to ensure it flows freely:


Location:  In the heart

Regulates: Relationships, harmony and personal growth.

Blockages are caused by dealing with feelings of deep sorrow and inability to express love. A spiritual and powerful chakra, the heart chakra is responsible for the compassion and love you have for others. When blocked, you may deal with sorrow, hate, or grief. To alleviate these feelings try doing heart-opening yoga poses and journaling.


Location: Throat

Regulates: Self-expression, communication and speech.

Blockages may be caused by the lies we tell ourselves. You know when you lie, there’s a little angel inside telling you you’re better than that. Lying is a coping mechanism. That little (or big) white lie cheats you of your own power. Try always to communicate truth, particularly when it’s hard to do. You will feel less drained at the end of the day.

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Location: Top of the head,

Regulates: Higher consciousness

Blockages cause depression, constant confusion and a fear of alienation. This is a tough one, because ego is often involved, and attachment is rationalized away. With love, look to see if you’re trying to please the other person or seek their approval—if you are, then that’s a bulls-eye for attachment!

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