4 Steps to Raise Your Kundalini

Kick your energy into high gear by focusing your attention on the spiritual energy known as Kundalini. Responsible for enlightenment, this hidden energy is a powerful force that lies at the base of your spine. When you raise the kundalini you allow energy to rise up your spine, activating each chakra along the way, and allowing you to achieve conscious enlightenment.

While it may seem that raising kundalini is the goal of many spiritual people, kundalini affects everyone. From emotional baggage to denial of our personal issues, raising Kundalini allows you to awaken your inner power and potential. Follow the four steps below to raise your kundalini:

1) Get out of denial.

What are you running from? We all have emotional baggage that hold us down. Muster up that courage to accept it and say to yourself, “Yeah, I have that [insert here] emotional issue.” Accept and move forward.

2) Admit that emotional junk upsets you.

Understanding and admitting your emotional junk is the foundation of you elevating yourself and energy. Address the emotional junk and let it go. This kind of stuff directly affects your spiritual progress more than you know.

3) Meditate with Sounds.

Founder of Nambu Herbs, Dr. Pillai, advises that sound meditations change emotional, subtle and physical pathways. I find karmic thoughts are like ice on your car windshield: as you warm up the car, your ice scraper (sounds) removes BIG chunks at a time.

4) Take herbs everyday. 

Siddhas are the only group in the world to have “science-fied” Enlightenment. They have a methodology, and Dr. Pillai, a Siddha Master, decodes it for us. Why not take advantage of this amazing knowledge?


Enlightenment Formula

Eclipta Alba is a secret herb used by many Saints and Siddha’s to find ecstatic levels of awareness. Eclipta Alba has been rumored to remove karma by simply changing the thoughts of the herb-taker!

Herbs are a huge part of the Siddha’s Enlightenment program. Without herbs, Siddhi powers and light are difficult to get. Dr. Pillai infuses Nambu Botanical herbs with his energetic footprint. They unfold in a personal way and never stop working.  At Nambu, we hear from our herb takers that the supplements work on multiple layers and emotional baggage all at the same time!