How Turmeric Supports Reproductive Health in Women

Throughout our lifetime, women can suffer from a multitude of health conditions related to hormonal shifts; from painful cramps and hot flashes to fibroids and even cancer. Our hormones can be a real pain- literally.

We are well aware of the OTC painkillers to get us through our monthly cycles and the use of ERT (Estrogen Replacement Therapy) is common post-menopause. Few women, however, are aware of the natural protective and preventative alternatives that are available to them.

Research has indicated that naturally occurring Phytoestrogens found in Turmeric can not only prevent and protect against cancer but provide relief for many of the hormonal and inflammation conditions women experience.

What are Phytoestrogens

Phytoestrogens, also known as dietary estrogens, are plant derived “xenoestrogens” that have similar molecular structure to estrogen molecules found in humans.

When consumed, Phytoestrogens bind to the estrogen receptor cells and encourage the cell to do what it is “supposed” to do. Phytoestrogens can block harmful cancer-inducing hormones from attaching to the cells, they can prevent unhealthy cells from growing and spreading to other organs, and they can regulate healthy estrogen levels.

The key structural elements that enable Phytoestrogens to bind to estrogen receptors and mimic estradiol-like effects are:

  1. The phenolic ring that is indispensable for binding to the estrogen receptor.
  2. The ring of isoflavones mimicking a ring of estrogens at the receptor binding site.
  3. Low molecular weight similar to estrogen (MW=272).
  4. Distance between two hydroxyl groups at the isoflavones nucleus is similar to that occurring in estradiol.
  5. Optimal hydroxylation pattern.

Although much weaker than estrogen itself, Phytoestrogens in Turmeric deliver many benefits for reproductive health. Nambu’s Hi-Health Formula provides a natural alternative for protecting against and preventing many of these common conditions shown below. Take a look at the infographic to see how Turmeric supplementation can benefit you.

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