5 Simple Tips For Self-Reinvention


Reinvention may sound like a lot of work, but it really doesn't need to be. Basically any time a change occurs, a tiny reinvention happens. So, whether you take a new route home, or simply choose a different pair of shoes in the morning, you are slightly reinventing your path.  

 As human beings, our lives are ever changing and we are highly adaptable, so we have the potential to be whatever we want to be. Even aging is a form of reinvention because you must change certain aspects of your life as you grow older. It is how we deal with these changes that can affect how successful we are at creating our ideal self. Instead of seeing a change with fearful eyes, we should embrace the opportunity to reinvent a part of who we are.

"If we wait for our future, we wait in vain."

Major reinvention isn’t something you need to achieve on a daily basis, but it can be a very rewarding process and lead you to your highest potential.

How can it be achieved?

An important aspect of reinvention is knowing the path or direction you want to attract or shift towards. If you don’t know where you want to go, then it will be nearly impossible to understand whether you’ve already been there. 

Know what you want, so when you get it, you’ll actually want what you have.

5 simple tips on how to reinvent yourself

1. Meditate on how you want to be perceived by the world.

Meditation is one of the most beneficial ways to connect with your true wants, desires and self. By focusing on how you would like those around you to view you, you can begin to understand the characteristics that you may need to shift away from or change. For example: if you want to appear confident to others, you may need to acknowledge feelings like jealousy or ego-based thoughts and look for ways to improve your actions when you have these thoughts. Your deep conscious thoughts can be changed with meditation! Remember - We are what we think!

2. Write a list of the things you want to accomplish to achieve your new self.  

This is a great way to put your thoughts into a visual or even tangible representation. Whether it is your bucket list, or simply a short list of goals for the year, actually seeing it in writing will help you to be reminded of what you really want.

3. Place yourself in the environment you want to be in to achieve your new self.

By surrounding yourself with like-minded people or inspiring atmospheres, you are literally creating a better host environment for change. People inspire each other on a daily basis, so whether you follow more positive people in social media or watch a different youtube channel, you can dramatically alter your thought patterns.

4.  Once you know what you want, figure out how you can achieve it.

Break down each item and look at how you can achieve it. If you want to travel more, but you have too many monthly bills or material things weighing you down, perhaps it’s time for a garage sale. Or if you want to be wealthier, find out how you can generate more income – perhaps a side business or freelance opportunity.

5. Revisit your goals and desires on a daily basis.

Once you know what you want, don’t forget about it! It may be easy to get lost in your daily routine and put your wants aside, so keep your list in a visible place – I.e. on your bedside table or fridge, and remember to make time to meditate on what you want. Keep tabs on your thoughts and review what you want to be on a regular basis, because you may be surprised to find they will likely change!