Silence Is The Next Nootropic



If we can only think better, faster and with more focus we will finally get ahead, right?  Rather than making the mind race like mad, between Nov. 11th – Nov. 17 there is a very different concept being taught by Dr. Pillai to get ahead. 

 It starts with a story as all long lasting things do.  During these 6 days and 6 nights, Lord Muruga is being celebrated- he is the son of Siva and Parvati. Lord Muruga gained so much power that beyond being a warrior, he taught his father, Siva, the meaning of OM.  His father had temporarily forgotten it... but that’s another story. Only Muruga had the wisdom of OM. He is (worshipped today in India) a warrior, a debt savior and a healer. He heals through the brain, specifically the 6 parts of the brain.

 Muruga was he the only one with the power to be able to teach the meaning of OM. He built up so much brain strength, not through overworking his brain, but through Silence.  It takes a lot of power to keep the mind still. To not think one thought. When you silence your mind for extended periods of time you’ll gain access to all the wisdom.

 Try first with 15 minutes and focus only on a sound, a mantra, try OM.  When a thought comes don’t feel bad just push it gently away. If you do this each day for one week you will find that you have more energy and personal power at the end of the week than the beginning. New ideas flowing and the energies of the Universe will come to support you.

 Our herbs at Nambu Botanicals strengthen both the brain and the mind.  Enlightenment Formula with Eclipta alba is what the Rishi’s and Saints use to stop their mind and gain access to the universe.