Protecting your body’s largest solid organ with Hepato-protectors

In today’s society, we are exposed to a variety of potentially harmful substances, pollutants and energies that are unfavourable to not only our health, but our spiritual bodies as well. We combat these toxins using preventative measures such as; exercising, eating healthy and taking care of our well-being. So, in order to truly care for our bodies and maintain our system, we need to look out for that very important part of us that keeps us thriving  – The liver! 

What Does the Liver Do and why does it need help?

In adults, the liver is about the size of a football and it does many jobs. It works around the clock for us, and here are three of its main functions:

  1. It cleans our blood.
  2. It produces an important digestive liquid called bile.
  3. It stores energy in the form of a sugar called glycogen.

 Who needs Hepato-protective (liver protector) supplements?

The short answer is – EVERYONE, but specifically people who:

  • Drink alcohol regularly

Consuming alcoholic beverages results in the generation of free radicals. People who drink a lot of alcohol often suffer because of massive free radical-induced cellular damage. Alcohol-induced free radical assault may cause short-term havoc throughout the body. These same damaging free radicals are associated with accelerated aging.

  • Do not exercise or have unhealthy diets

Lack of exercise may be more harmful to your health than drinking alcohol and could dramatically affect your health if you have a poor diet as well.  

  • Consume sustained amounts of pharmaceuticals or paracetamol based medicine. 

The body breaks down normal quantities of the drug harmlessly but excessive amounts can accumulate in the liver, leading to irreversible damage.

Nambu Botanicals has carefully created the Enlightenment Formula to help awaken the Crown Chakra (your body’s energy center) and be the Hepato-protector you need to optimize your health.

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