Ancient Tamil Siddha Traditions: How To Accomplish Extraordinary Things!

Often called, “the alchemists of India”, Tamil Siddhas are a group of saints that live in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. They are deeply spiritual beings who unlock the abilities of the ancient Tamil Siddha tradition of medicine and healing. For over 5000 years, the Tamil Siddhas have made medicine for those in need and have healed people with almost every type of ailment.

 Secrets of the Siddhas

 The secrets of the Siddhas are tightly held within the group of masters and only those that truly know the ancient traditions are able to formulate herbal preparations. Dr. Baskaran Pillai is one of the Tamil Siddha masters and he has been unlocking the secrets of the Siddha traditions for forty years. He has healed people from all walks of life and changed their lives significantly in doing so. Through Dr. Pillai’s grace and wisdom, the secrets of the Siddha herbs have been unlocked by introducing a key ingredient – sound infusion.   

 What is sound infusion?

The Siddhas believe that by infusing specific sacred sounds into prepared herbal remedies, the nuclear potential of the herbs are enhanced and the maximum physical, psychological and spiritual healing ability is available. Nambu Botanicals has created a system which allows members to access the full potential of the herbs, with strong intention, just as the Siddha masters practice.

Siddhas also believe that life should be challenged and comprise should never be an option. Siddhas challenge every aspect of life and overcome the limitations of their bodies in doing so. This literally makes modern day miracles happen! They are able to defy aging and turn the impossible into the possible. 

 Stay tuned for more information on the Urban Siddha Movement and how you can strive to succeed, by living a life free of compromise!