Eclipta Alba Holistic Nourisher



Eclipta alba is a creeper with small Golden Yellow or White flowers that grows throughout India and is highly prized by Ayurvedic and Siddha practitioners for its diverse range of health-giving powers, particularly with regards to its ability to overcome liver disorders. 

The leaves, stems and roots of Eclipta alba, a member of the sunflower family, have been used for thousands of years by traditional healers to treat diseases such as liver cirrhosis, jaundice, gallbladder problems and hepatitis. Eclipta liquid extract is also used for medicinal purposes to help combat everything from memory problems, stress and anxiety to insomnia, chest infections and even eyesight problems, such as short-sightedness. 

Many of these therapeutic uses have now been confirmed by studies, and with regards to its liver-protective properties researchers have found that the plant is able to shield your liver cells and protect them against harmful toxins. It contains the chemicals ecliptine (which protects against liver problems), steroidal alkaloids (which help kill cancerous cells) and ecliptasaponin which protects the brain against toxic damage. 

According to St.Ramalingam (Vallalar) by just taking this herb in some format every day one can obtain more spiritual wealth of information than from a Guru for over 20 years. According to the Siddhas, Eclipta has a high amount of iron content. It’s an initial stage in the process of alchemy process. Eclipta will increase the iron content in the system. Later Iron will be transformed in Copper and then to Gold and then to Light body. One can look at the periodic table to see the sequence too as to what is being accomplished. In one meditation technique Dr.Pillai mentions copper body to golden body. Shiva an expert alchemist is named as vethiyan which means one who is an expert in Vedas. It also means on who is an expert in Alchemy (Chemist is also called as Vethiyan). 

How do Siddhas know Eclipta alba has the ability to help us reach towards the increase of iron content and towards lightbody? Their approach to understand the presence of certain materials and the makeup of these materials are quite different because they were able to see the nourishing material from the plant to the corresponding koshas (layers). Siddhas were able to see the nourishing ability of Eclipta alba to the Jivatman -Soul layer.  

 There is a mythological story to illustrate this; Dr.Pillai coined the term as mythotheraphy phenomenon. Once upon a time there was a king who wanted to construct a big temple for Shiva at Chidambram, all the construction work was done, he wanted to have the main deity to have a form which is different from the usual shivalinga. He gathered a lot of gold for this and gave to the goldsmith and told the requirements about the form. Goldsmith did not have a clue because he has not had any vision of Shiva with a form, so he meditated on Shiva for days together and had a glimpse of Shiva as a cosmic dancer; he designed the statue accordingly and melted all the gold he got from the King into the mould. The next day the King came to see the finished statue, when the mould was removed, they saw a beautiful statue but it was in copper form. King gave him an ultimatum that within 24 hours if he didn’t give back all the gold he swindled he would face the death penalty. Goldsmith prays to Shiva why he should go through this for not having done anything wrong. Shiva appears in his dream and instructs him to melt equal amount of copper and take a tiny bit of metal from his left feet and add it to the molten copper. The next day he found the entire copper turned into gold.

This will take place internally to any person given you have the grace of Shiva and have a body prepared with enough amount of copper to turn into gold and then to light.