Navaratri: A Story Of The Goddess Lakshmi

Sage Durvasas performed austere penance to bring wealth and auspiciousness to all and received a garland as a gift. He was instructed to hand over the garland to Indra king in the heavens. It contains the very essence of auspiciousness (shri) and prosperity. 

Guard it well! Indra leans down and takes the garland. He offers a respect and offers an absentminded salutation to the sage. Then, without waiting until he is out of sight, he drops the garland around his elephant’s neck. 

Durvasas stands for a moment, shocked at Indra’s carelessness with what, after all, was a divine gift. Then he utters a curse. “Just as you dishonored auspiciousness, auspiciousness will abandon you,” he says. 

The moment Durvasas speaks, every flower in Indra’s kingdom wilts. Every tree droops. The garland, you see, was the form of Lakshmi herself, the goddess of abundance, auspiciousness, and all-around goodness. Her flowering form represented the flowering of the natural world, and the sage had offered it freely to Indra. When the king of the gods dropped the garland so carelessly around his elephant’s neck, Lakshmi simply disappeared from the three worlds. 

With her went beauty, fertility, and the luster of every realm and every being. It wasn’t just that the crops stopped growing. Every form and expression of goodness dried up like an abandoned lake. Prayers and sacrifices stopped; the sages no longer had the will to perform them. People stopped giving gifts, or offering food in charity, or helping their neighbors. No one cleaned the roads. Parents became indifferent to their children, and couples quarreled bitterly with each other. Rulers forgot to consider their people and raised taxes mercilessly. But because no crops grew, the taxes went unpaid. Even the sun and moon dimmed, and a dull cloud lay over the earth. That’s how it goes when the power of auspiciousness leaves the land. 

The moment Indra, in his pride, insulted the goddess Lakshmi, he realizes what happened. Lakshmi is not a goddess to roar, or to complain, or to draw a sword. But she does not stay where there is pride or harshness. When she is displeased, she simply leaves, and with her goes everything that makes life sweet.  

Lakshmi will always be associated with Kumkum , Turmeric is the important ingredient in it. Turmeric and lime together makes Kumkum. Turmeric is very beneficial. It has phenomenal benefits. It creates a certain vibrance around you, which changes the nature of the aura and it creates a certain glow. Turmeric not only works on the physiology, but also has a big impact on your energy system. It purifies the blood, body and energy system. 

Day 4 

Kushmanda, the fourth manifestation of Goddess Durga, is worshipped on the Navratri Chaturthi. She is considered to be the creator of the universe. Her name comprises of “Ku-shm-anda” meaning “the cosmic egg.” The fourth day of Navratri also marks the beginning of worshipping MahaLaxmi. Legend says that Lord Vishnu was able to start the creation of the universe when Devi Kushmanda smiled and moved away. She created the whole universe when there was no existence of any creation and there was eternal darkness in every direction.  

She is offered Malpua (sweetened Pancake) as BhogShe will improve the intellect and decision-making ability.  

 Day 5 

The fifth manifestation of the goddess Durga worshipped on Navratri panchmi is ‘Skanda Mata’, the mother of Skanda Kumar or Lord Kartikeya Lord Kartikeya was chosen by devtas as their commander in chief in the war against the demons.  She usually holds Lord Skanda in his infant form and a lotus in her right hand which is slightly raised upwards and  called as Padamasani 

Banana is offered to the Goddess. Offering Banana to the goddess keeps your physique healthy.  

 Day 6 

 According to a legend, there was a sage named Kat. His son “Katyayana” observed a hard penance and long austerities to receive the grace of the Goddess DurgaKata was very famous and renowned in the ancestry of saints. The Goddess was pleased with the hard penance of Maharishi Katyayana and took birth on the earth in the form of the daughter of Sage Katyayana. Sage Katyayana had the first privilege to worship her, so she was also named Katyayani after him. 

Offer honey on 6th day. It is symbol of health and sweetness.